Weapon baron

Is the buff going to make him any good now? He has the been the worst weapon carry for the past 3-4 patches and the crit nerfs have hit him hard. Late game weapon Baron used to be the most deadly weapon carry but right now his damage seems to be below par and with the snowbally nature of 5v5 he never sees any play

Not really a bad carry in 5v5 3v3 he is like saw and needs a babysitter

I was a Baron main in the Broken patches and now tbh he can never scale with his WP or CP paths.

He does scale with wp as he has good ratios. If crit is buffed next batch Baron will be back in the meta, his build path is very limited when going weapon and that hurts him

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I’m seeing a rise of SB, 2-3x TM, TB Barons, and I can assure you, it was very cancerous to play against. He lowkey got his potential back to blow up his enemies with his AA resets on his B. Paired with 1-2 proper roamers it’s hella hard to reach him. Imo, he is not OP but also also not balanced, kind of in the middle between these two. There are other heroes currently, who are higher on the priority list to be fixed.


Wp Baron is viable now without being op. I focussed on getting to lvl 12 asap and played passively till I got to level 9 and just blew up everyone after that. With SB TM TM LS+ weapon buffed and infused I managed to AA+B delete the enemy kestrel.

If you can survive until late game you will be a monster just like before, the hard part now though is reaching that point. His early game is abysmal and his midgame definitely leaves something to be desired. He basically needs the weapon buff is order to contribute at any time that isn’t late game.


He was cancerous, a decent baron could easily blow someone up with a few basic attacks… but this relied on him being fed which I assume is still his problem (early game issues etc).

I don’t seem him being a major hero in 5v5, hyper carries tend to be midlane CP mages with large AOE abilities. Bottom and top lanes tend to be hero’s capable of laning without jungle / roam support, Baron is a little too needy early game.

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I keep saying this but all Baron needs to become top tier again is a range buff. Nearly every other ranged carry got a range buff, but not Baron. Used to be once you hit level 12 the only heroes outranging you were mages. Now Baron shares the title of longest range at level 12 with a level 5 petal with B maxed…

I loved his playstyle of high risk-high reward, playing safe till you hit level 12 and 4 damage items then wiping out the Fold. :confused:

Baron has aoe abilities and he is a hypercarry. Facing against Midlane mages who usually don’t get MJ he is deadly and can control team fights late game with his A and ult. The only problem is see his potato early game. Recent Pro matches were snowball oriented and baron is very easy to snowball

Barons AEO as a weapon carry isn’t effective, or scales with CP. He certainly isn’t meta for midlane, this seems to be saved for hyper CP carries like Celeste etc.

As I eluded too earlier he has a very poor early game and requires support to reach late game, something which is harder to provide in 5v5 (you’ll get snowballed somewhere else etc).

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