We need a Reflex Block for the Metal Jacket (which basically gives AD/PC 2 Reflex Blocks)

Like many have talked about this before, in 5v5, the amount of CC is stupidly insane and with that, we need more Reflex Blocks. Please, just please give us the Reflex Block function for the Metal Jacket.

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Or a better counter hero for cc

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Items would be better since every hero can buy them.

Not really better as if any hero can buy them it ends up being a purely mechanical game with no strategy. This is a huge issues in the game as it is

I’ve play tested this - tbh less fun than you think its flow through effects on CC are very profound in terms of the balance impact.

30 chars OMG…

I think it would be nice if both items shared the same Reflex block cooldown so everyone didn’t have 2 blocks. Then people could still build armor yet have a block.


I can’t see 2 reflex blocks being all that interesting for CC strategy. Also makes the whole timing it aspect less meaningful.

Maybe like this:
After the 1st RB that RB will be on a 150% CD while the 2nd RB will be on 50% CD.

Tf? Reflex blocking is the only difficult skill in this game, therefore I’m all in favour of there being more of it; anyone who thinks mechanics are that hard in vg is still a scrub, basically skill shots and stutterstepping are all there is to it

So yes, I agree it’s stupid that a team can be triple weapon with a support and one underfed cp carry and you still need an aegis

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Idk. I just played a match where we won largely because our Ardan was absolutely perfect with him timing of Crucible. Every single time the enemy Skye popped an ult, he was ready with a block. Every single time the enemy Joule popped her ult, his aim with his barrier to stun her was impeccable. I never felt like we needed a second block ability. Even in matches with multiple CC heroes, I find that blocking and escaping from the first usually saves you from any others as well, based on strat. The only teamates I see fall to multiple CC’s are the overextended ones that don’t know what the word retreat means.


People forget that the duration of RB was increased. If you added a block to an armor, then you need to revert it back to the old duration.

I am against a RB armor because WP heroes usually have long cooldowns.