We have taken a large loss

Our brothers and sisters it appears our boi @DIMTI is in allegiance with team thicc. It is a sad loss, but we must fight on! WE WILL GET THOSE UNOWNED SKINS BY ANY MEANS!!! The great war is off to a rocky start, but we must DESTROY TEAM THICC!!!

Team t h i c c best ,u shut :rage:

1v1 me Krul only TT only @DIMTI made that mistake kiddo finna represent team daddy

you will not survive the evening :laughing: :laughing:

Emperor Asparagus will hunt you done in the name of our furry waifu!

Team Reza FTW!!!

30 character plox

Team Gwen seems to have everyone I know. Hmm.

It goes to show that
Thicc bunny > Spici dragon


  • Going to
  • Win
  • Everything
  • No contest



  • Redundant
  • Erroneous
  • Ztupid
  • Anus


Team Teemo or die, grain worshippers.

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