Was the GW buff unnecessary?

I enjoy watching pro games more than playing myself but the recent games have been very snowball oriented and last less than 20 mins. Anyone who gets first turret advantage just takes GW and uses the buff to push and get a turret or two down across the map. I have never been more excited watching such a talented pool of players but the games just dont live upto the hype. I can’t guess what will happen when Tribe and TSM meet as both of them have been super aggressive in their play so far but this lingering feeling that it will not be a gripping game doesn’t seem to leave me.

Very unnecessary imo. In 3.1 the pro games were very short and snowbally, with most games (all except the slimy salamanders and tilt rehab ones iirc) ending before 15 minutes. Yesterday’s games is enough proof that Vainglory is now unhealthily snowball-oriented, which makes the games not fun to watch. At the rate it’s going now we have a 10-15 minute wait before the match begins and a 10 minute game, which is pretty silly to say the least.

(Talking in context of VPL preseason NA)


Tsm vs vision, hammers vs rogue were all less than 15 mins. While shorter matches are good for casual players looking for some fun play, matches this short are just bad to watch.

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very unnecessary this objective was already really good now it’s just broken semc really wants to push shorter games i hate it

I also enjoy watching pro games. it has been many snowball games recently, but i think its more testament to the skill difference in teams rather than a flaw in the game itself.

Looking at the entire history of pro games, its is fairly balanced. I suspect the recent restructuring of teams is contributing to less team synergy and shorter games.

Coupled with the wimpy turrets, the GW buff has made matches very snowbally. It’s not fun to play and even less fun to watch.

Honestly with defense in the sad state it is in it is necessary only 2 hero’s really are needed to take it and if done at the right time can help prevent the snowball or cause it

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That’s a good point – with the defense nerfs and the papier mache turrets, it feels like Mobile Legends a lot of the time. (ML is all about the snowball. Lol.) That simply can’t be what they want …

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Seems like they want in the current state of things for team fights to be extremely short(look at what Tony’s ult does) the only reason I can assume is to band-aid the lag in the game. Idk about anyone else but if fortress uses it’s ult and petal is involved a good size team fight my lag is horrible and I can’t engage around it. Now this is being in na server in the Midwest