Was Rona overnerfed?

I dunno. It seems to be way harder to use Rona nowadays. Was she overnerfed?

The various bugs don’t help … her attacks sometimes stop for no reason, for example. Plus the usual “abilities don’t activate” bug that seems to be way more frequent with each release.

I’m tired of all the bugs in this game that never get fixed. The explanation given is “if it’s not a show-stopper, we log it to be fixed never later” …


You cant use ult randomly as before

So that seriously is a known bug? I was stuck trying to use Joules Leap yesterday…

Hitbox showed jump location etc yet she tried to walk that way resulting in my death instead of the escape. It refused to activate 3x before I died…


She does seem harder to play. I usually get the gist of her, now people berates me for picking her, and it reflects in game; can’t play her properly her as of 3.1.

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Rona is top tier rn .-. not overnerfed in the slightest


And I always thought I was misclicking. So it’s a known bug? I have noticed it a lot of it lately with idris Ult, reza ult and joule A

I didn’t realize the ability thing was a bug… I spam abilities in blitz and I always just though it was my fingers getting tired or me being straight-up bad.

And I’ve been blaming it on lag and fat fingers this entire time

NOPE, she is perfectly fine if not still very good.

Lol, she is still broken.



Imo she needs more nerf, her kit is balance but her numbers are just to much, and Alpha too

The answer is that she is definitively not over-nerfed. She’s still top three in win rate. I’ve never noticed the attack stop bug myself, and it may be because I stutter-step 100% of the time.


Legit the best bot laner in the game right now. Her burst is insane, her dueling is insane, she is tanky as all hecc, and her turret damage is more than insane

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Wait that’s why I f up while using Rona.

It’s not the spinning that keeps her up there. They upped her blood rage generation many patches ago in order to get her spinning with less wind up. But what it did was give her an easy way to hit max blood rage and be bursty. She was at her core DoT hero before this. Now she can do anything pretty well.

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Hey Roadie Run has that bug too.

No Rona is fine, she’s a meta pick in 5v5 at the moment, if you’re having problems it’s with your game play.

I’ve actually started to abuse her CP ratios, Nobody plays CP Rona but her ratios are crazy, her A is 300% if the rupture DMG lands, meaning you can hit for over 800 plus when you factor in SF mortal wounds. The mortal wounds also triggers blood rage meaning when you land you get full blood rage… you can spin till they drop, it’s so much fun lol

Actually, I was trying her WP path spaghetti built and it was a mess. Her B got bugged so I couldn’t stutterstep and I got killed.

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Rona is fine. The items you build on her to make her effective have changed slightly. That’s all.