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Vox on ice vs cloud raider vox t3


Can any1 make a voting for it ? Cuz Idk how to do it :confused:

  • Vox on Ice
  • Cloud Raider Vox

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i highly recommend sd vox :slight_smile:


Sd ? (30 characters)…


School days vox=sd vox



Haaaa school days vox I understand


SD is the best imo, but nothing trumps his default skin (omg autocorrect just changed trumps to Trump’s, wtf)


Thats all America’s jobs XD…


Wow vox on ice is winning with a high percent


Only true vox players and/or long time players will know what SEMC took away from his Default skin (Visual effect)

if any of u know say it if u dont…

you’re not a true vox player UwU


Do you mean a radar like design on pulse?


My favourite, by a long shot, is his old tier 1 skin (now called “Sky Captain”). The splash-art wins out.
But since I have not reached the last sunlight level, yet, I end up playing the Ice version now. They sure put a lot of effort into the new animations - felt like a completely different hero, at first.



:medal_sports:Heres a medal for making happy UwU

Edit: Me*

i cant proofread for my life


Seriously though,why did they remove it…?