Vox on ice vs cloud raider vox t3

Can any1 make a voting for it ? Cuz Idk how to do it :confused:

  • Vox on Ice
  • Cloud Raider Vox

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i highly recommend sd vox :slight_smile:

Sd ? (30 characters)…

School days vox=sd vox


Haaaa school days vox I understand

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SD is the best imo, but nothing trumps his default skin (omg autocorrect just changed trumps to Trump’s, wtf)


Thats all America’s jobs XD…

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Wow vox on ice is winning with a high percent

Only true vox players and/or long time players will know what SEMC took away from his Default skin (Visual effect)

if any of u know say it if u dont…

you’re not a true vox player UwU

Do you mean a radar like design on pulse?

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My favourite, by a long shot, is his old tier 1 skin (now called “Sky Captain”). The splash-art wins out.
But since I have not reached the last sunlight level, yet, I end up playing the Ice version now. They sure put a lot of effort into the new animations - felt like a completely different hero, at first.


:medal_sports:Heres a medal for making happy UwU

Edit: Me*

i cant proofread for my life

Seriously though,why did they remove it…?