Volume 7 - first images!

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

source: Communidad RWBY
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I love Weiss’s outfit so much, can’t wait to watch this season

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Same! This image has me so excited!

Some thoughts:

  • they are all growing up – even Ruby (who’s 17 now) is obviously a young woman and no longer a girl
  • look at Weiss’s confident expression and stance in this image! :star_struck:
  • Blake’s expression is hard to interpret: she’s the only one not smiling; my completely unsubstantiated theory is that it reflects Blake’s still-unsettled state of mind (she just killed her former lover, after all) and the fact that she’s naturally the most cautious member of the team
  • Yang is so badass – I just love her
  • ATLAS!!!
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The girls all grown up and badass, now ready to face atlas academy and weiss’s dad

Also just something I wonder when I see Ruby’s outfit Which is great too, they all are so fabulous, this time round it looks like her corset is from a sexy lingerie set that she decided to wear normally instead

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AAAAAAAAAAA!!! They’re in ATLAS! (And just look at that soft look Yang has for Blake!)

source: Rooster Teeth


I already loved Weiss more than words can say — but I can see my heart is going to burst with Vol 7 Weiss!!! Just look at that expression!!!


Lighting department killing it in this shot!

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Was thinking that when I saw this screenshot, lighting is awesome

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