VG's web site ... stuck in the past

Did they fire the web site team? Back in late 2017?

Or has the long nightmare since 3.0 been just a dream??? :sleeping:


This proofs that 3v3 >>> 5v5 :relieved:


Not to mention the fact that the heroes page hasn’t been updated since Silvernail and a majority of the info on the heroes’ pages are really outdated…


Kinetic is a sniper? No! It’s a mage!!
And Churnwalker is warrior… :joy::joy:

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I’m surprised a thread hasn’t popped up sooner. Visiting their website… Is embarrassing.


I cant wait go see how their newest game’s website will look :slightly_smiling_face::zipper_mouth_face:

Tbh It probably won’t even have a website :skull:

Take my words with grain of salt, but they fired them at the start of 2018 with (as you know) a lot of other people + iirc they used also contractors. This is not some 100% info, so if someone can correct me - jump in, pls.