VG's missing pieces

So someone (I forget who, and I can’t seem to find the discussion right now) mentioned the other day that VG is lacking a lot of pieces that are pretty common in other MOBAs. For instance, I find it pretty crazy that nearly five years after its release, VG still doesn’t have custom builds/item sets :unamused: (Both AoV and ML have had this since launch.)

If you were able to wave your wand and add a feature to VG, what would it be?


Stats. :laughing:

In all seriousness, VG does not have stats rn and is enough alone to close the topic.


Yeah … idek what to say when a competitive game removes a vital feature like stats … :man_facepalming:


Better reward/progression system.

VG has no way to maintain (my) attention when its events are 2/3s of the time late and the rewards are too RNG.

The summer events with chests and keys were perfect but they cant keep on giving chests that gives a higher chance to get profitable content which leads to another problem.

No BP also is a major fail since most games rn have some sort of Battle Pass.

Rewards for consistently playing everyday to gain a cool reward. And maybe thats why the playerbase is decreasing since there isnt much out of game content.

Sorry for my negative rant but Im just spitting facts :celestesleep:


Hats, all mobas need more hats.


On a more serious note, customizable builds for each hero, an actual report system that works, a progression system for both ranking up and for playing the game a lot. And if they cant run the api at least give us stats at the end of each game, we can screenshot any interresting games and create our own little library.


Starred friends notification alert, spectator mode an’ a working guild chat.

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Meaningful patches.
Uhh, stuff…

Let’s try to keep it positive, please.

If I could just add ONE feature - it would be a more interactive guild system that included Guild Wars. It’d be a really cool social element that gets players and the overall VG community to come together both collaboratively and competitively.

I can live with sloppy UI or stale reward/prgoression system, if the game finds ways to be more social. That’s why, I believe, so many of us are gamers at heart - in a lot of cases - it’s a way to be social in fantastic, virtual, and magical worlds.

  1. Reworking guilds / Teams.
  2. implemeting @Xhaos UI ( plz )
  3. more effective punishment
  4. love for Captain role ( something similar as in LoL,after 3 games player has to fill the last role )
  5. burning the talents
  6. progression system that actually makes me hype…
  7. better PR and advertising
  9. less paid RNG elements
  10. New content ( New mechanics, items, New maps, New modes )
  11. better april fool jokes
  12. Gold Toad (RIP, replaced by Gold oak, oh and btw new mob designs would be awesome )
  13. Loving Devs.

Crazy how SEMC did not at least try to use some of those ideas. His UI overhaul is top notch


Vainglory has comparable balance to other MOBA.

What do you mean by “love”? Because I think they gave captains enought.

Which is pretty bad bearing in mind that VG has half the heroes other MOBAs have.

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isn’t it funny how all these features are actually doable and don’t need any sort of magic. Just a little hard work and some programming.

well, anyways, here’s my attempt -

Make VG only Touch control and only available on Large screen devices.

Go back to their roots and market the Shyte out of the TOUCH SCREEN GAMING EXPERIENCE.

That’s it. Get players hooked on using their fingers rather than joysticks and every player converted is another that will forever wonder why they’ve been using such primitive D-pads and buttons for so long.


In Ishtar’s hero spotlight they called her “an evil queen who was released in the fall of Gythia”. What. WHAT?? And they just leave it at that… seriously I can barely remember the newer heroes because they don’t have any depth or interest for me. I genuinely could not remember who Caine or Leo were for the entire patch(es?) they were released in. They have 0 interest.

This strategy would actually kill the game. You will push away all the phone and PC users, reducing the player base while not improving the touch screen tablet experiance at all. VG has always been rooted in phones as well as tablets. You would be abandoning the core idea of making a MOBA available to everyone.


it’s a high roll / high risk option. Go big or go home. Some would argue VG is / was / has been dead for a while now.

They need to find that niche market that nobody else can do. Nobody has ever perfected the touch screen experience as well as semc has and for good reason - it’s bloody hard to do.

VG is still a baby. I put it on the same standing as Virtual Reality Gaming. Small % market, but it is on a steady rise.

As technology gets better, VG will also gets better. Vg’s biggest THORN is server lag - whether it be user side or server side, there is nothing semc can do but wait for technology to improve.

Phone’s are getting larger and PC market, particularly the 2 in 1 touch screen tablet / laptop market is growing. So i don’t think it counts them out.

Samsung’s development of the Z phone for example - is the future.


It’s 100% server lag and I guarantee you that money is involved in this. Even with the super low player base compared to before, they shrink so much their infrastructure that this is the end result + on top of that I am almost certain that a lot of the sys/network admins left too.

P.S. Also great job to deliver the desync fix they promised half a year ago and said would come 2 patches from back then + the bug fixes focus that ended up with 1 patch where they fixed some super trivial non-urgent and game breaking bugs without a single important one and it ended there.

Yeah dude, it’s just dumb. They probably already had these planned out with its lore and now that sugarvenom is gone they give us what little leftovers they had left. I wonder when they run out and give us entirely ‘blank’ heroes

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