VG's 5v5 NEEDS chat of any kind

I can’t understate how much the game needs chat now. I have always been on the fence when chat requests have come up over the years, but I’ve picked a side. VG needs chat, and frankly, badly.

5v5 is just more complicated than pings and the pre-chosen text. There are literally a dozen examples of where the game falls short in your ability to make a play call that will result in a much more enjoyable match but I’ll stick with the simplest example so there is little room for doubt.

Sometimes, you HAVE to switch lanes with someone else. Whether it be after the game starts and you’re facing your hardest counter, or a player who is simply much better than you. You know continuing to stay in this lane is going to result in your CS being garbage and losing turrets early. You realize you have an aly who would do extremely well against your enemy laner, and you know you’d be fine against their opponent.

In every desktop moba a simple “hey Saw, can you switch lanes with me” is sufficient. You switch, you don’t spend the rest of the game tilting and getting steam rolled.

Before you say “did you ask for ganks, or support” Well just because my support showed up, doesn’t mean that when their support does too, the two of us aren’t still outclassed because of the miss-match.


THIS. Trying to do this in soloQ is cancer.
I was lane bf against a SAW, he pretty much didn’t let me get a single cs, and if I tried to freeze he would just attack turret…
There was a Ringo in our bot lane (I was top) against a Glaive.
So I did green ping bot->green ping top->blue ping bot.

Aaaaaaaaaand no it didn’t work.


I completely agree with everything here. 5v5 is demanding of a revamped / improved communications system. People learning will need to know the basics and help developing their awareness and skillset, whereas people with more skill and in higher ranks will need communications to develop strategies and so on. The preset anti-inflammatory messages do not cut it at all, and frankly that’s the most ‘mobile’ feeling thing about this game. Other MOBAs I’ve played do have built-in voice support, albeit, it’s not the best. A pre-game chat lobby would also be incredible.


I am with you on this. The current comms system in 5v5 is totally inadequate.

My best matches (all wins) have been using voice chat on Discord. Otherwise, it’s pretty much chaos.

I have tried a couple variations of this, it doesn’t work :frowning:

I’d be thrilled with text chat if voice is a bad idea.

All I want is for “hey guys, iam placing a cam in their base, let’s all buy teleport boots and pretend we are pushing their top lane, and then when they arrive there we’ll all teleport to their base” to be possible in soloQ.


Pretty sure that will be one of the canned text options added in the next update. It will replace “We need vision.”

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Are you in NA?
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Nope, tho I wish I was…
I’m in Salt East Asia, where no one is awake when I come online :<

Nora is complete trash so many times I pinged to take blackclaw or ghostwing or opponents are taking them and nobody responds it’s freaking fustrating as hell

In am in EU snd half the people on the server don’t even use the same alphabet as me…

Post game russians greeks and several others type but I don’t even get to see characters its all ???

So no I don’t want chat. Ever. Unless they bring a universal translator as well it will create very strong advantages to people playing together get an even bigger edge while I can’t understand their alphabet even let alone their wording.

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Just walk to their lane steal their farm and ping your lane… They will move…

The communication aspect definitely needs to be changed. I hate when I am warning teammates to not go into the bushes or other places etc because there are more than one enemy there and they still go ahead then die. The “Be Careful” text is there but it gets ignored, man I just don’t know, lol.

It can’t be helped given VG creators are trying to avoid toxic people from flooding the chat with… well, cancerous waves of cursings.

At the same time, it’s a double edged blade since people won’t be able to communicate as easily.

We need a switch ping. A double edged ping where you tap 2 people who need to switch. So mid and botand they see rotating arrows.

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People say voice chat or open text chat would lead to more toxicity but I believe it will be the opposite. Yes some people would use it as a platform for trolling but SEMC could log these chats and hand out bans (real ones) if needed.

SEMC claimed to have improved the preset messages but I find myself using them less than ever. We need pings such as:

“Quit stealing my CS”
“Stop overextending and/or feeding”
"Free kill for the jungler on this overextended laner here’
“Need to switch lanes”
“Let’s split push”

I could go on and on but as you see preset messages are useless and convoluted, pings are vague and toxic, and I’m not a mind reader. Something will be changing I’m sure.

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I prefer voice chat actually (and maybe there’s only kid who think they are LEADER, BOSS, GOD who using it), because chat is slow and it cover whole screen at my phone. How chat strategic if when i wanna chat i need to hide first?

voice chat (where hopefully everyone speaks a common language pls) or improve the current pings, imo. if you had to type for chat, there’ll definitely be some who’ll be typing when unsafe, leading to stupid deaths, and some will just use the chat to flame and stay in base so they can type without fear.
(source: ml chat, aov chat)

ML and aov I have zero problems with chat.
VG pings are a million times more toxic imo…

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