Vgpro stuff

So they have updated the new pick/win/ban rate for 3.3. Most interesting thing for me is Rona’s win rate has dropped from 2nd place to below 50%. And Kensei is perma-banned like Taka yay.

Hmm Lorelai and Churnwalker have low win and popularity rate but at the same time they are very strong. Especially Lorelai. Tough case. If they get a buff they would completely dominate.


I’d love to see Lorelai, CW and Phinn meta, it’s getting boring to see Lyra or Ardan every match

Kensei is broken, you have to query the logic of having a hero who can do that much DMG whilst stacking huge barriers.

PS - would love a Phinn comeback, but not sure how you get around him being so damn slow.

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Idk about vgpro but vainaura is kept up to date

It’s also busted how he is supposed to have a weak early game that you can abuse but no he has three consecutive dashes that essentially get him out of almost all situations.

*4 dashes when you add his B’s slight dash back

His ult is a long ranged dash too lmao