Vgpro Damage calculator

How does calculate damage?

The reason why I’m bringing this up is I’ve had matches playing Taka killing heroes left right and centre, while Saw is just taking minions and turrets, and yet he’s got more damage dealed out than me.

So I’m having a sneaky suspicion that the damage done to minions and turrets is also calculated into the total displayed on Vgpro

Does anybody know for sure?

Take into consideration early-late power spikes of each hero. For example koshka does so much damage as % but the Hp pools are lower. Also taka usually doesn’t have that high damage as he even if snowballing would be deleting his targets but no high overall damage.

The damage data in the API is contained within a very large telemetry file which has to be processed line by line. (The file can be several MB in size and 10s of thousands of lines long.) My suspicion is that they are looking for each hero in the telemetry and adding up the damage figures without breaking it down by target.

Another question is whether they’re showing damage dealt (that which pierces armor or shield and is actually “felt” by the target) or total damage (which is much higher, especially in late game but which doesn’t reflect what’s actually happening in game).


Ok, I get the point. it’s too large to sift through… Don’t hurt your head and eyes trying :sweat_smile:

10’s of thousands of lines long… Iol. Thanks for looking it up.

I suspect it would be raw total damage dealt to all targets.

But I guess it could be calculated by knowing the health of turrets, minions, and heroes killed… Somebody could have a “controlled” match and check it out after, do the calculations.

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So despite being promoted by semc the devs aren’t willing to sort through code and semc is too lazy to make the data more efficient

DMG dealt won’t be inclusive of DMG done to turrets and minions.

Sure as a Taka you secured more kills but I’ll bet saw laid down most of the DMG whilst you took the last hits. I’d be amazed if you’ve out damaged Saw, especially since for most of the game your jungling. Typically your lane carry should have the mos DMG dealt for any given match as they exchange with the opposition from the get go.

i get your point. it just seems strange when i check Vgpro. it is possible i’m over analyzing it, You willing to do the calculations??

Christ no!!! Lol

Guess my point was the carry usually outdamges the jungler… they exchange from the first minute to the last and they’ll also obtain more gold therefore have superior DMG potential late game.