VGforums COD Week #8 Mar. 3-9 2019

Hooray for week 8! Congratulations to all COD completionists! We have 11 members in our standings with @SeRAPHiM1 closing in on 100 points!

Here is today’s challenge:

Sunday, March 3rd 2019

Win three PvP matches in-a-row. Blitz matches do count. DOUBLE bonus points if all 3 are either ranked 3v3 or ranked 5v5.



We’ll catch you one day!!!

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Maybe… when i quit… :smirk:

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Done. I had two ranked wins in a row. Then got stomped. Went to blitz. I’m going to try ranked again and see if I can resubmit in a position high enough where the double points pay off!

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The best I’ve done today is two in a row. Very annoying, because in each case, after the second win, I get matched with people who either have never played the game before or who are busy doing something else while playing. Lol.

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I legit did this challenge with 3 Inara wins in Rumble but guess what.

I cant show any proof since the api doesnt show rumble matches. Ok :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Did it in 2 O4A matches followed by a Rumble. Just going to include the SS timestamps as some degree of validity. I’m honestly surprised I was able to get 3 quality brawl matches, especially in a row.


Good morning. Here is today’s challenge.

Monday, March 4th 2019

Win three blitz matches without talents. One of these victories must result in you having zero deaths.

Well, of COURSE I just won 4 Rumbles in a row, including two with no deaths. :rofl:

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Apologies for yesterday’s challenge. I was in quite a rush before work. I didn’t realize until too late that it was quite the difficult challenge, especially the no death aspect. @Imanoob, how close did you get?

Here is today’s challenge:

Tuesday, March 5th 2019

PP: win a ranked game (3v3/5v5) in party play. A bonus point for partying up with a fellow forumer!

Good morning. Apologies for the late submission. We’ve gone two challenges in a row without a submission. Come on, people!

Today’s challenge should be easier and result in more participants. You have until 12:00pm US CDT, Thursday March 7th to complete this challenge.

Wednesday, March 6th 2019

Win either a) three blitz matches, b) two rumble matches, or c) one ranked 5v5 or 3v3 match with at least 8 kills or assists (in each match for rumbles and blitz). Bonus point for having 8 of each.

Good luck!

That was quick! First two I played after you posted the challenge! And a bonus point in the second match!

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Good morning. Here is today’s challenge. A reminder that you have until 12:00pm US CDT today to complete yesterday’s challenge. Congrats to @Imanoob, who has quickly ascended to 4th in the standings!

Thursday, March 7th 2019

Win a ranked game as a carry hero in a lane role with 2 or fewer deaths.

Happy Friday! Woo! Our spring recess starts after today. I’ve got a full week off from work for the first time in a while. In-laws are visiting next week and we’ve got tons of adventures planned. I can’t wait! Oh right, our challenge of the day.

Friday, March 8th 2019
Win three ARAL matches with three different heroes. A bonus point for having your KDA for those 3 matches combined at 3.0 or higher. A bonus point for each victory that results in 0 deaths (paying homage to our very first COD!)

Disclaimer: last I checked, the API was still down. Screenshot the final scoreboard at the end of the game. Don’t rely on VGPRO right now…

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First three ARALs I played! (And of course, in the first two, I get heroes I’ve almost never played before.) I’ll also take one bonus point, please! (Avg KDA was 5.28)

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I am literally 1-5 today. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m playing awesome and with heroes I don’t normally play. I’d say my KDA through these 6 games is at least 5. I am having the worst luck with AWFUL teammates that are just throwing the game. All 6 we’ve been in position to win. They get over extended, don’t listen to pings, have troll builds, and just make bone-headed decisions.

Sigh. I’ll keep trying.

Ahhhh, the joys of ARAL … :wink:

I’ve been pretty fortunate so far today. I think I’m 6-2 at this point. I even managed to win with Tony (ugh) :upside_down_face:


Edit: bonus point for me too!

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Goodness gracious. My apologies for another late submission. My wife and I woke up motivated and tore up the old “garden” we inherited and did some other lawn and house work. Sorry for not getting our final COD of week 8 posted! Here it is…

Saturday, March 9th 2019
Win a ranked 3v3 match with either A) the most kills on your team, B) the fewest deaths on your team, or C) the most assists on your team.

Extension: you have until Sunday, March 10th 6:30am US CDT, to complete this challenge.