VGforums COD Week # 15 Apr 21 - 27 2019

Our 15th week! Wahoo! Apologies for my frequent delayed submissions. I’m finalizing a few things with our wonderful forum mods and then I hope to make an announcment for this category regarding it’s future (it’s all positive!).

Sunday, April 21st 2019

Deadline extension: Monday, April 22nd 4:30AM US CDT

May your Easter Sunday be full of Grace!
Win three games as the hero, Grace. Any PvP game mode, including Blitz counts. You must achieve one victory with a WP build, one victory with a CP build and one victory with a utility/support build. With blitz being permissible, I will reward a bonus point if all three victories are in a ranked 3v3 or ranked 5v5.

Got it done. CP and WP in blitz games. Support in ranked 3v3.

As of 7:30am US CDT, I don’t see ARAM inserted into the event mode as advertised on their schedule. It won’t be used in today’s challenge.

Monday, April 22nd 2019
Win a PvP game without dieing. Bonus point if done in a ARAL match. Bonus point it done in a ranked match. For blitz matches to count: you must win two Blitz games without dieing.

Casual MM is horrible.

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It was a ranked game

Apologies for the late post. Work schedule is just nuts. 5. More. Weeks.

Tuesday, April 23rd 2019
Win an ARAM with 10 or more hero kills. You must have two or fewer deaths.

Edit: deadline extension: Wednesday, April 24th 4:00am US CDT

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Just couldn’t get it done today. Here’s a snap shot of how today went. Several with 2 deaths. Way too many assists. :sob:


That Kensei is hurting my eyes

Wednesday, April 24th 2019
Win a ranked 5v5 match with fewer than 5 deaths and a 5 KDA.

Silence! Again, Catherine CP top is still a bit under the radar and under rated. I’ve bullied a Gwen and now a Kinetic in recent games. Granted, you need to communicate with your jungler (and she pairs nicely with Glaive) to come top from time to time to apply pressure. Catherine is a really good hero.

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Ooh, nice match. I’ll bet you had fun chaining your stuns with the Glaive knockbacks and Malene roots! I wish they showed Cath’s stacks on the end-of-match screen.

:: cough, cough ::


Hey! Appreciate the kind words and the link. I’d love to contribute. I’m quite confident in my skills with Catherine and have had many NA top 100 be pleasantly surprised with my performance when they’ve played with me. Once had Oldskool tell me I played her “perfectly” despite desiring a more “meta” pick.

I’ll try and get things going on that guide this weekend. Yay Catherine!

More to the content of your post; Yes, I love Catherine with Glaive. Very fun. Malene was an added bonus. I wish it displayed her perk too. It was definitely plus 50 this game. Usually get it over 70 as a captain in most games. I think my record was 113… Just stands out to me. Was a very… Long… Game.

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Thursday, April 25th 2019

Win a PvP game with the hero Caine in the match. You can win playing as Caine, with him on your team, or against him. If you don’t have the ICE or Glory, you don’t need to purchase Caine to complete this challenge!

Blitz mode does not count (don’t worry Blitz lovers, I’ll feature Blitz again in a challenge soon.)

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Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good? My first match of the day I played a ranked 3v3 alongside a CP Caine…

Oh, and Catherine again FTW :sunglasses:

Friday, April 26th 2019

Similar to a previous challenge, but you have even more choice now:

Win three Blitz matches with three different heroes using all three tiered talents. Your average KDA in the 3 blitz matches must be 3 or higher.

Ie. Win one game as Grace with her rare talent. Win a game as Vox using his epic talent. Win a game with Adagio using his legendary. 3 different heroes. 3 different tier talents.

Good luck to all!


Saturday, April 27th 2019
Win a 3v3 ranked match with fewer than 3 deaths and a KDA greater than 3.

I completed this probably 3 or 4 times last night - ha! I completely spaced and never took a screen shot. :man_facepalming:

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