VGFCOW Week #26 Jul 7 - 14 2019

Shout out to @ProSeven for getting into the mix or things. Overall though, a quiet first week to July with just a combined 9 points between our 3 participants thus far.

Some good news to spice up our challenges this week:. 3v3 Casual is live and there is an event challenge currently live.

Brawl/Event Modes

  • Complete the Warhawk Challenge. Screenshot your completed event tab! Also, screenshot the rare skin you received. This is important for another challenge
  • Win a 3v3 Casual with 7 or more hero kills
  • Win a ARAL with 7 or more hero kills
  • Win a Blitz using the hero you completed the ARAL challenge with. Your death total can’t exceed 2.

Standard Modes

  • Win a ranked 3v3 match with 3 or fewer deaths
  • Win a ranked 5v5 match as the :vgroles_jungle: and have at least the 3rd most gold on your team
  • Win a ranked 5v5 match as :vgroles_carry_mid: with a KDA of 3 or higher
  • Win a casual 5v5 as the hero of whom you received the unowned rare skin for completing the Warhawk challenge.

BE modes cleared, thanks for the shout out, I am new to these challanges, refreshing to play something other than ranked but still get that ranked high :wink:


Blitz and ARAL challenges complete!


Casual 3v3 with 7 or more hero kills.

Make sure you complete the entire event challenge! You’ll want to also note which hero you received the rare skin blueprint for if you’d like to complete the 5v5 casual challenge. Keep up the good work!

Warhawk challenge completed. Bonus 2 points for being the first to complete the casual challenges. My hero is Silvernail!

Ranked 3v3 with ZERO deaths. Pow pow!

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Blitz aral and casual 3v3

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ARAL with 7 kills
Blitz with the same hero I completed ARAL
Casual with more than 7 kills
Ranked 5v5 with jungler and the most gold
Ranked 5v5 as mid laner
Ranked 3v3
The Warhawk event, skin and casual 5v5.

With all this I end here the CoW

edit: I am Loco3, VaKTaBi and Delete5v5

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Wow - a lot. You got busy. Unfortunately, the 5v5 challenges involved 2 ranked challenges. However, I am a kind overlord, and will grant you 0.5 points for the 5v5 challenges you completed. Also, in regard to your P2W sentiment, if you don’t have the rare Warhawk skin, but have completed all other elements of the event challenge, I will again grant 0.5 points for that challenge.


what? i have the 2 ranked 5v5 games! and the warhawk event, yes, i also completed it in practice, so i have done all challenges :stuck_out_tongue:

The San Feng and Samuel matches were both done in 5v5 ranked.

When I was reading over his list, I kept reading “casual 5v5”, so I must have been mistaken. Apologies!

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The skin part for Warhawk can be done in practice, just in case someone doesn’t know.