VGFCOW Week #20 5/26 - 6/1/19

Our final week to determine our May champion. It’s a two person race between myself, the beautiful and majestic overlord, and @DIMTI, the aspiring cartoonist.

Shout-out to @NinjaBryden for joining in on the fun. Our phantoms still haunt us and the lazy bums hopefully passed all of their exams.

Week 20!

Brawl/Event Modes

  • Win a ARAL match without selecting a talent
  • Win a ARAL match in 9:59 or faster
  • Win a Blitz match with Kensei without selecting his epic talent
  • Win a Blitz match in under the 5 minute time limit and without dieing

Standard Modes

  • Win a ranked 5v5 match with a KA score or 20 or more
  • Win a ranked 5v5 match with a CS score of 150 or higher
  • Win a ranked 3v3 match as the jungler on your team with 60% or more kill participation
  • Win a casual 5v5 match in 19:59 or faster

Next month… or in July I’ll try to play (more) so I can choose the background :wink:

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Completed all 4 brawl challenges already!

also I’m not an aspiring cartoonist, I’m just a filthy weeb. :pouting_cat:
The hero drawings I made were more or less made as a joke but I committed to it

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Completed the 60% kill participation as a jungler in 3v3 challenge! This was THE most one-sided match I’ve ever been in…

Both ARAL challenges complete!

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Completed the 150+ CS in ranked 5v5 challenge! Including the post-match SS bc Caine slipping past draft isn’t the most believable.
Also @Lebatron is the first standard challenge intended to be just kills and assists or is it a typo of KDA? If it’s the former, then I guess this one would count for that one as well.

The former. You’ve completed both!

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Both blitz challenges in one go!

And now I’ve completed all of them! :ozo:


Noooooo! With that, you’ve secured your victory! With the bonuses of being the first to complete both categories, you’ve earned 12 points. The best I can do is 8. I only have a 3 point lead.

Some overlord… :disappointed_relieved:


The month of Ozo will soon begin UwU

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I’m still going though! Ranked 5v5 win with CS 150+

Casual 5v5 in under 20… A bit one sided.

CP Vox with… :vgitem_frostburn:? you know that his bounces doesn’t apply it, don’t you?


And neither does SF.


Really? Eh, makes sense. He’d be too OP ha. I guess I’ll replace with :vgitem_dragonseye: and :vgitem_shatterglass:! I don’t play him often, but I’m starting to like him.

Oh the embarrassments of self-taught players!

Edit: i see quite a bit of vox players use :vgitem_spellfire: - is it useful in another way with his kit?

His ult procs the :vgitem_spellfire: passive, but considering it has a relatively long CD, :vgitem_spellfire: isn’t exactly the best item choice for him.

Doesn’t his A though as well? How am I applying mortal wound on jungle treants, minions, and heroes without using the ult?

Huh, his A does proc the passive as well. I honestly never knew it did because I’ve never built it on CP Vox and the wording of both :vgitem_spellfire: and his A don’t make it seem like it would.


Only his ult can apply SF or FB, so it’s not useful at all as you can’t spam that ability. That’s one of the reasons why CP Vox could sometimes build PS.

Edit: the A applies it. That’s new, it used to not do it (tested in the past lol). Why the hell is SEMC incapable of saying things like this in the patch notes??? This interaction makes no sense, the A is considered to be basic attacks.

Edit: FB is confirmed to not work… but they both say they apply their effects when dealing ability damage, how can SF work and not FB? This seems a bug more than anything, because last update it didn’t work.