VGFCOW Week #19 5/19 - 5/25

@DIMTI has gained a bunch of ground and now sits one point behind me, the leader. @RiseChu has joined in on the fun! @NinjaBryden tried, but failed - but don’t give up! A lot can change each week. Prior to week 18, I had a 6 point lead. Now it’s down to 1!

Lazy bums of the week: @Guest_78 and @VaKTaBi

Phantoms of the COW: @hazeleyes and @HipsterSkaarf

Here is week 19:

Brawl/Event Modes (I don’t trust event calendar this week):

  • Win a Blitz match accounting for 50% or more of your team’s winning total (in a standard winning score or 15, you need 8 points. I round up)
  • Win a blitz match with both zero deaths and no talent selected.
  • Win an ARAL with the highest KDA of all 6 participants
  • Win an ARAL with a utility/support build

Standard Modes

  • Win a ranked 5v5 match as captain with 10 or more assists
  • Win a casual 5v5 match as WP Flicker
  • Win a ranked 3v3 match playing the hero Reim. Your KDA must be 3 or higher
  • Win either a ranked 3v3 or ranked 5v5 with the hero of your choice with 50% kill participation or greater!


  • KDA is a simple calculation: Kills + Assists / Deaths
  • Kill participation is simple as well: your kills + your assists / total team kills
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We had and have exams :confused:

Winning either a ranked 3v3/5v5 with hero of my choice with 50% kill participation.

Completed the 50+% kill participation in ranked and highest KDA in ARAL challenges! @Lebatron you better watch out UwU

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No! I forgot to take a screenshot of my captain win in 5v5. Had 21 assists!

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NBD :sunglasses:

Just completed the support/utility build in ARAL challenge! It was honestly a pretty hilarious time playing rare talent Inara in ARAL because of how it allowed my allies to basically never die. I do feel bad for the enemies though because her rare is completely busted for a support.

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Certainly a good draw, I agree! Her kit in general is good for support. Her A provides a small slow, and she has an extra pair of boosted war treads!

50%+ kill participation and over 10 assists as a captain :muscle: Taken from my phone cause I do not feel like messing with screenshotting on pc

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Just completed the 50+% points in blitz challenge. Caine is dumb

Both ARAL challenges complete. Shout-out to support @Idris build!?

Blitz with more than 50% points. The last blitz challenge is toxic… At least for me. Sorry! 10 attempts. Failure every time.

Completed the 10+ assists as a captain in ranked 5v5 and 0 deaths with no talent in blitz challenges! Got a SS of the post-match screen bc Yates in ranked isn’t the most believable and again, Caine is dumb.
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Ranked 3v3 with Reim. Shout-out to @Imanoob as we pitched a shut out!

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Casual 5v5 with Flicker. I believe I’m the first to complete all standard mode challenges! Also, in my spoils I obtained a gold key. That led to me getting @Leo for free! Doubt I’ll use him much. Not my style of hero.

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And now a blitz with no deaths and no talents. I had one more hero slot available for the talent quest, and figured, ‘why not? One more go.’

I should know better. When in doubt, go Catherine.