VGFCOD Information

Hi All!

I’m happy to hear members of this forum and gaming community are in favor of these challenges!

How it works:

  • Each day a new challenge will be posted between roughly 6:00am-8:00am CDT, USA.

  • EDIT 1/19/19: Each WEEK will be it’s own topic, with the date RANGE listed. Each day will have it’s own post within that week’s topic. SQ before the listed date indicates the challenge must be completed in a solo queue (be it ranked, casual, or a brawl mode). PP before the listed date indicates the challenge must be completed in party play. NO INDICATION means that it can be completed either way.

  • Realizing that if each day was it’s own topic there would be the potential for 365 topics, I felt it was in everyone’s best interest to make each week a topic, bringing that potential down to 52 and hence the above edit was made.

  • If other forum community members would like to create a challenge, simply message me directly on here with the challenge you’d like to post. When approved, you can go ahead and make the post on the designated date. If making the post between 6:00am-8:00am CDT, USA is a challenge for you, I am happy to make the post on your behalf!

  • Challenges are aimed to get as many players involved as possible utilizing casual, ranked, brawl, event, and hero-specific tasks.

  • We’ll post a Challenge Of the Day standings! The first player to complete the challenge will receive the point. Standings will be updated daily. No prizes beyond bragging rights have been determined yet. EDIT 2/3/19: 4 points for being the FIRST finisher. 3 points for SECOND. 2 points for THIRD. All finishers after third recieve one point. More incentive to keep trying if someone gets it done before you! Challenges must be completed on their assigned day. Your reward for completing the challenge after the assigned day? Personal pride and satisfaction.

Good luck to all and thank you for your participation!


NEW: Starting the week of Sunday, February 3rd, which will be our 4th week, the scoring system will change to reflect the following:

1st completionist of the day: 4pts
2nd: 3 pts
3rd: 2 pts
Any VGF community member who completes the challenge who did not make it to the top 3 will receive 1 point!

Typically, I’m not a big “participation trophy” kind of guy. For this challenge and for one of the purposes behind it, I would like to promote further participation. If some folks don’t attempt a challenge because all 3 top spots have been occupied, I hope this entices you to give it a go!


NEW: Take precautionary steps upon completing a task. There are instances where the API for Vainglory may not function, and sites such as VGPRO and others won’t immediately update. I recommend snapping a screenshot of the victory scoreboard, and a screenshot of the aftermath’s “earnings” when providing proof of a ranked match.


Standings and points earned will be based on the order in which challengers provide proof, not in the order in which the task may have been completed.

IE a challenger completes the task at 8:00am, but does not provide proof in the forums until 10:00am. Another challenger completes the task at 9:00am and provides the proof at 9:30am. The second challenger will be awarded the better position.

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NEW: Beginning with week 12, monthly standings will be posted. Our overall standings will remain. I will be communicating with our great mods on how I can best implement a prize. The overlord will unlikely relinquish his overall lead over his minions, but the monthly rankings will provide opportunity for some to challenge his will.

I hope this energizes the COD and gets us even more challengers!