VGF COW Week #30 Aug 4 - 10 2019

Hello my fair subjects! It’s been a blast doing these for the community. I find it exciting that through our first four months of this format, four different winners have been announced! Apologies for my belated submission, I’ve been so wrapped up and excited with our The ULTIMATE SKIN BATTLE Poll: - which by the way, has TWO tie-breakers that need YOUR votes to determine our last two semi-finalists!

In regard to our COWs, I am adding another element in the hopes of getting even greater participation. C’mon, you ole vets, open the dang app, and have some fun! Here is a call-out to many of you, whom I know voted in the skin polls - come on - play a little! @Guest_78, @VaKTaBi, @Modafar, @RiseChu, @SeRAPHiM1 @Dachigenius, @W4Y2L33T, @FinnTran, @HipsterSkaarf, @Leohert123, @Chippunk, @Pigstuffs, @5230984, @Twip, @NinjaBryden

To make these more appealing to those who may not play VG as often or as competitively, the Standard mode challenges will ALL have a casual option. Ranked are not worth more points, and the casual challenges will often appear harder, because they’re, well, casual. Challengers may complete botht he casual and ranked tasks, but only receive one point for each. You can’t stockpile a boat load of points. The point is to get more of our forumers involved and to continue to create good parity with these challenges.

Let’s get to it: Week THIRTY

Brawl/Event Modes

  • Win a ARAL in party play with a fellow forumer! The KDA score of the TWO of you COMBINED must be 4 or greater.
  • Win a 3v3 casual as WP Krul with at least 6 hero kills and a KDA of 3 or higher
  • Win a 3v3 casual with the hero of your choice, completing a clean game. 0 deaths.
  • Win a ARAL as the utility/support role with 1 death (or 0!)

Standard Modes

  • Ranked: Win a 5v5 as the :vgroles_jungle: with a 50% or greater Kill Participation OR Casual: Win a Casual 5v5 as the :vgroles_jungle: with 12 hero kills or more
  • Ranked: Win a 3v3 as the :vgroles_captain: with 70% or greater kill participation OR Casual: Win a casual 3v3 (should be available all week) as the :captain: with no more than 1 death
  • Ranked: Win a 5v5 as a :vgroles_carry: with a top 3 CS score out of both teams OR Casual: Win a casual 5v5 as a :vgroles_carry: with the highest CS in the match
  • Ranked: Win a 3v3 with the hero and role of your choice, with the highest KA in the match OR Casual: Win a Casual 3v3 with the hero and role of your choice, with the highest KDA in the match.

Good luck to all!

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So the challenge is to instalock captain and stay in the base all game :sunglasses: I can do this



d*mn straight

Sadly, this month i will be on vacations with the family, so i wont be participating as much. Next month though we may see another July.

Casual 5v5 as :vgroles_carry: with highest CS. Ranked 5v5 as :vgroles_jungle: with 50% or more of kill participation.

Btw, Fortress is low key a sleeper OP in the jungle, man. It’s been easy the past few games with him. Real easy.

You have no idea how long it took for me to get a decent support hero

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Your first ever completion of a challenge! Thank you! Well done!

i thought i completed one before but then i realised i probably just considered one for a while :^) this information changes nothing and is not really an addition to a conversation but i have written it so i shall post it

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Both ranked 3v3 are done. :vgroles_captain: with 70% or more kill participation (87%) and role of my choice (Alpha :vgroles_jungle:) with highest KA (20… uh - yeah, she’s OP when you’re team knows to be aggressive early…)

Alpha, Catherine and Skye are all OP in 3v3, whereas Vox and Reim are trash and Lorelai gets countered by Skye. Under no circumstances you should loose that match.


Looool, Vox. Hahaha, ez win. And reim, that’s a draft throw XD
I would much rather have a WP Samuel than a Vox right now.

Hence we won 23-2 in 15 minutes :wink: