VGF COW Week #17 5/5 - 5/11/19


After our first COW, we have a three-way tie! I’m hoping to see more participation this week!

Brawl/Event Modes

  • Win a Rumble with either Reim, Reza, Ringo, or Rona. Your KDA needs to be 5 or higher.
  • Win an ARAM match with no more than two (2) deaths EDIT 5/9 OR WIN A RUMBLE MATCH WITH NO MORE THAN 2 DEATHS
  • Win a Blitz match without dieing
  • Win a ARAL match in less than 10 minutes

Standard Modes

  • Win a 3v3 ranked match as a carry with with 90+ CS
  • Win a 5v5 ranked match as a laner with over 50% kill participation
  • Win a 3v3 ranked match with no more than two (2) deaths
  • Win a 5v5 casual match without dieing


  • You have until Saturday, May 11th at 11:59pm US CDT to complete these challenges.
  • All challenges completed at any time during this time frame are worth one point.
  • The first challenger to complete all brawl challenges receives two bonus points. The same goes for the first to complete all standard challenges.


Rumble with reza.


Victory with Reza in Rumble. This challenge is hard, took me several tries! Many of them I had to play with trolls…:frowning:


I’m back to doing challenges now!

Did the 90+ CS in 3v3 ranked. I probably could’ve done the no more than 2 deaths one as well but I played a little too offensively


I was playing a little 5v5 today. Went 2-2 and maintained elo. Didn’t get the challenges done. I’ll focus on those more tomorrow! Lazy day today. Welcome back, @DIMTI!


Had a spare moment. Joined you guys (barely, 5.5 KDA. Last minute quadra kill for me!) aboard the rumble train.


Did the three brawl challenges available rn (Rumble with Reza, Blitz without dying, and ARAL under 10 minutes)!


Coming back strong! 2 bonus points for you for being our first brawl completionist this week. Nicely done!


And… what about ARAM? Is not live yet, so he didn’t complete the brawl challenge :wink:


It’s been a long day. I read that “three” brawls were done and once again gave another false congratulations. You are correct.


Completed the 50+% kill participation in 5v5 ranked as a laner and no more than 2 deaths in 3v3 challenges as well.


Blitz without dieing and ARAL under 10 minutes. 3/4 brawls complete.


Doh. Carried a game hard in 5v5 ranked as top CP Lyra. We had a glaive who literally all game said ‘i need to farm’ … Even at the 30 minute mark. Forgot to screen shot! I had over 60% kill participation. :man_facepalming:


ARAM is officially 38 hours late. By noon (US CDT) today, if ARAM is still not available, I’ll likely modify that specific challenge to be an “and/or” that includes Rumble. Stay tuned …


5v5 casual without dieing. Rona split push easy win.


An additional Rumble challenge has been added with the ARAM challenge due to it’s failed release.


Well, I lost my first three. Tough MM. Went to my closer, Catherine. Did a bit of a spin off of my usual CP build and threw in some support. It was fun! I believe I’m the first to finish all 4 brawl challenges. Yay!