VGF COW Week #17 5/5 - 5/11/19

After our first COW, we have a three-way tie! I’m hoping to see more participation this week!

Brawl/Event Modes

  • Win a Rumble with either Reim, Reza, Ringo, or Rona. Your KDA needs to be 5 or higher.
  • Win an ARAM match with no more than two (2) deaths EDIT 5/9 OR WIN A RUMBLE MATCH WITH NO MORE THAN 2 DEATHS
  • Win a Blitz match without dieing
  • Win a ARAL match in less than 10 minutes

Standard Modes

  • Win a 3v3 ranked match as a carry with with 90+ CS
  • Win a 5v5 ranked match as a laner with over 50% kill participation
  • Win a 3v3 ranked match with no more than two (2) deaths
  • Win a 5v5 casual match without dieing


  • You have until Saturday, May 11th at 11:59pm US CDT to complete these challenges.
  • All challenges completed at any time during this time frame are worth one point.
  • The first challenger to complete all brawl challenges receives two bonus points. The same goes for the first to complete all standard challenges.
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Rumble with reza.

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Victory with Reza in Rumble. This challenge is hard, took me several tries! Many of them I had to play with trolls…:frowning:

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I’m back to doing challenges now!

Did the 90+ CS in 3v3 ranked. I probably could’ve done the no more than 2 deaths one as well but I played a little too offensively


I was playing a little 5v5 today. Went 2-2 and maintained elo. Didn’t get the challenges done. I’ll focus on those more tomorrow! Lazy day today. Welcome back, @DIMTI!

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Had a spare moment. Joined you guys (barely, 5.5 KDA. Last minute quadra kill for me!) aboard the rumble train.

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Did the three brawl challenges available rn (Rumble with Reza, Blitz without dying, and ARAL under 10 minutes)!

Coming back strong! 2 bonus points for you for being our first brawl completionist this week. Nicely done!

And… what about ARAM? Is not live yet, so he didn’t complete the brawl challenge :wink:


It’s been a long day. I read that “three” brawls were done and once again gave another false congratulations. You are correct.


Completed the 50+% kill participation in 5v5 ranked as a laner and no more than 2 deaths in 3v3 challenges as well.

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Blitz without dieing and ARAL under 10 minutes. 3/4 brawls complete.

Doh. Carried a game hard in 5v5 ranked as top CP Lyra. We had a glaive who literally all game said ‘i need to farm’ … Even at the 30 minute mark. Forgot to screen shot! I had over 60% kill participation. :man_facepalming:

ARAM is officially 38 hours late. By noon (US CDT) today, if ARAM is still not available, I’ll likely modify that specific challenge to be an “and/or” that includes Rumble. Stay tuned …

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5v5 casual without dieing. Rona split push easy win.

An additional Rumble challenge has been added with the ARAM challenge due to it’s failed release.

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Well, I lost my first three. Tough MM. Went to my closer, Catherine. Did a bit of a spin off of my usual CP build and threw in some support. It was fun! I believe I’m the first to finish all 4 brawl challenges. Yay!