VG on iphone 11 pro max

The game is a joke on that phone. I am not sure if it’s for here or the salt mine, but the UI is broken, the minimize line hides info, you can’t press items, you can’t see items timers, the map got a horrid lag and hiccups when you try to check something, there are lags and freezes, I mean - seriously?

The game runs 10 times smoother and better on my note 9, didn’t expect that at all given ios legacy and the A13 performance. I am sure the phone is not to be blamed, but I am so disappointed as it’s almost unplayable. Draft have the same problem with hiding names and positions, meh…! To sum it up: not only it performs so bad, but also the UI is broken.

That really sucks, hopefully optimization for the device comes next patch. Be sure to report it.

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They didn’t even bother to work around the notch for the last generation of iPhones.

This should be a top priority for rogue. It’s not serious to have a game that is basically a no go on modern phones. The game runs perfect on iphone 6s - the map panning is smooth, no lags, no fps drops, no UI elements problems. I hardly can play at all on my 11 pro max, it’s that bad. :frowning: