Vg newest ads

how far can the recent ads can help VG retaining old players/ bring new players to the game?

because I feel people at reddit truly believe that suddenly devs doing great work and forgetting all the bad choices they’ve made before. just because this one particular ads

No amount of ads will help. The current ingame experience is pretty bad.

Their core game is riddled with bugs and there are the matchmaker and toxicity at an all time worse…

Ads would have worked 1.5 years ago…

When they stop experimenting and fix their game for real ads might work…

They need about 3 Quality of Life patches without new content for the game to become okay again.

I would welcome that day.


Doesn’t stop them from letting off their employees

I don’t really understand why people usually say this. I agree with all of your points but new content has nothing to do with MM or the fact that we have so many tabs leading to the same damn place. If they were to rework some of the skins then yeah they shouldn’t add any new content because that is the new content. I’m just saying that make a QoL patch shouldn’t remove productivity.

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