VG needs improvements on joystick auto aim, item builds and purchase during the game.. etc

I play games mostly on the phone and am back to play VG because of joystick control. I’ve been playing AOV since official launch of NA and currently at Platinum level. Here are some thoughts about VG joystick controls and item build/purchase, etc. Please correct me if I’m wrong. -Updated 8/9/2018

  1. Joystick with auto aim seems to pick nearest enemy or doesn’t auto aim (ex. Kensei’s Lotus strike doesn’t pick any enemies). Please give auto aim options like (nearest, lowest HP or lowest % HP)

  2. Auto aim doesn’t seem to have priority either minions or heroes within range, sometimes auto aim make me ulti on minions even though heroes and minions are in the range of the ulti . please prioritize to heroes.

  3. Pre-purchase of tier 3 item: Currently users need to select/purchase each tier1, tier2 items manually. Please make once pre-purchase on tier 3 item, tier1, tier2 items get automatically appear next to the store icon when have enough gold. > VG already have the pre-purchase. :+1:

  4. Own item build, AOV has an Armory to let users pre-customize their own item build and apply them to in game. hope VG adopt the system.

  5. Combat history in Game menu (without navigating out)… no way to track my history and other users build order etc.

  6. MOVE info and teleport button from “lower left corner” to somewhere else and move joystick to very left and lower corner, they causes too many accidental teleport/info pop-up. -updated 8/27/2018


It works that way now – make sure not to pick a recommended build, and then you can tap on a T3 item to have the sub-items appear in the quick build spot when you’re near a shop. (or other stats site or tool)

Hi Hazeleyes, I meant 1 step purchase on the t1/t2 items. so t1/t2 items appears on the next to store icon so the user just tap on the t1/t2 items to purchase after pre-purchase the t3 item. currently need to look up the icon map and purchase t1/2 items (2 steps). About the combat history, I’m aware there are nice stat sites, but I meant without navigating out from the game doesn’t have to be complex stat.

  1. Seems to be giving an advantage towards joystick players. I’m not a touch elitist or anything but I don’t think auto-aim belongs in a game that doesn’t already consist of auto-aim. Just get better at placing your abilities and such.

  2. I agree with this change but only if the enemy is surrounded in minions and stuff if they are just a little further away it should depend on your own skill to hit your Ult or whatever. Touch players also suffer from the “Taka just used Ult on a minion.”

  3. We already have this, just make sure to preselect the t3 item you want (or whatever item you want) and it will build by itself whenever you go to a shop with enough gold.

  4. There are two reasons as to why we probably don’t have this: 1) Might result in an increase of space. 2) There are times when one item is just better than the other one and since all heroes can use whatever item they want every build in every game becomes situational.

  5. If you want in game we have, the end of the match stats screen but that’s about it. You can select “Gameplay” if you want to see what people built. Most of the really useful information is in websites like as it displays all kinds of stats.

It is actually not giving advantage. It just need a good auto aim otherwise joystick contol is not playable.

No, VG doesn’t have it yet, have to select t1/t2 items in the item tree otherwise items don’t appear next to the shop icon. i meant pre-purchase t3 item and t1/t2 item appear next to shop icon just tap purchase without looking up the item tree. You will understand if you have played AOV. :slight_smile:

You pre-select the t3 item and when you have gold you can get the items that build into the t3 item.

That’s incorrect. As we’ve both been telling you, it works that way now. You have to have quick build enabled and no recommended build selected, however.

Ha…my bad you guys are right. Thanks. it started from version 3.6?

No dude its been here for 1+ years.