VG music bug

**I am having a problem with the background music system. In settings, I turn music off so I can play other music in the background, but it still plays regardless. **

My device is

iPad Air 1
My operating system is
iOS 10.3.1

You have to turn on music and then turn it off again, but if doesn’t work, you may have to force close the app or restart your device.



There’s a few extra steps I would like you to consider alongside @28thballer’s suggestions.

Firstly, your iPad is running an older OS. I would highly recommend updating to the latest software (iOS 11) as your device can support it. Your experience with iOS 11 will not be as advertsied, as some features and settings will be unavailable to you due to hardware limitations. This may help.

Also try to uninstall / reinstall the app, if the app is updated to its latest version. A reset of your device in between could help.

You can also perform a hard reset by holding down the home button and the lock button together until the Apple logo appears - once this happens let go of the buttons and allow it to power back on as normal.

If you need other advice feel free to PM me, I’m certified with Apple.