VG is not banning trolls nor respect "thumbs down list"

So, I got a troll in a game, we all reported him and the game said he is punished right after the game… instantly I play one more and right after it another - he is there, in my team and pick sang feng for support + trolled with him and was super bad. This in EU t10 game.

I am tired from this and all happened after 25m wait to start the first game - 4 dodges AFTER the draft and two declines + solid waiting between…

Maybe it’s for the salt mine, but it’s a valid topic and problem.

What a surprise, SEMC don’t banning trolls… SEMC doesn’t care about trolls. Those massages are just a placebo, to make people think they do something, but they don’t, probably the only thing that happened is that he got a warning, and that’s all. If he keeps trolling he will get more warnings, but won’t get banned.


Idk what to say the thumbs down button seems reliable most of the time and lowkey is one of the best things that SEMC has added. My suggestion would be to just get over it or just expose it in chat if he’s being toxic and hope someone dodges so you can run a Blitz or two and then requeue. Or dodge yourself. Usually when there is one dodge in draft there will be 3 more following up from experience.

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It’s bugged since last update, and it seems like as the APIs, they isn’t bother fixing it.

I’ve experienced the same thing often enough that I think it’s one of those features that doesn’t work the way they’ve described it to us.

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Just to clarify, according to everything I’ve read and discussed, the ‘justice served’ messages are triggered when any player you’ve downvoted in the past gets any sort of punishment, be it a custom general ban from support site reporting (with screenshots) to LPQ from dodging. Because you saw a ‘justice served’ message after downvoting a player doesn’t mean that player is the person the message is about, or that your downvoting didn’t affect their karma (and could amount to an eventual punishment in the future).

Also, let’s not call it a placebo, because technically that means it purposefully has no effect and is just meant to trick players who use the system.

I think the system doesn’t have enough transparency and is unclear in how it works, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a lie (which is what ‘placebo’ implies), since we have no evidence of that.


You can’t exactly blame people for thinking that, however, based on the fact that SEMC admitted that the downvote for “unskilled play” is completely ignored by the system – i.e., is literally a placebo.


Yeah, of course, I can’t blame folks. Just trying to clarify. And as for unskilled play, I think it’s less that ‘it doesn’t do anything’ and more that a behavioral punishment should never be assigned for skill, so players shouldn’t assume it would. It’s an issue of clarity and karma system design.


Totally agree that “unskilled play” never should have been an option. However, they DID put it there and then admitted it did nothing, so I totally understand people being skeptical about a feature which doesn’t seem to do what SEMC says it does.

The main problem is that SEMC is apparently unable to communicate anything clearly to their player base.

Lol can’t disagree with them being bad communicators. I’m just saying something to calibrate the criticism somewhat. I think a lot of folks see the poor system design and transpose the worst mistake in it (that ‘unskilled play’ is bad categorization and at best just a data collector), and assume it applies to the whole thing. ‘Unskilled play’ is a poor element, but doesn’t mean the whole thing is a placebo, which I think a lot of people genuinely believe and profess, which goes on to feed other negative impressions.


I think there is a lot of things make you think it’s a placebo more than a poor system , the message justice served is random like you said , what justice served means ? A player I reported a month ago , in one of my accounts I didn’t play a whole season I just log in collect stuff and check my friend list I kept receiving the justice served messages , it’s like semc saying please don’t quit playing we are banning trolls justice served , I mentioned before that in maxman stream he got matched with the same troll 3 times in a row and the troll was following him the whole match stealing his farm , 3 times in a row and probably everyone in the match reported him .

The “punishment” for the justice served is useless anyway which is LPQ.

I was searching a rumble match weeks ago, and the game, after 15 minutes, didn’t find it, so I just canceled the searching. After that I log in in one of my others accounts to play there. Yesterday I log in again in the account where I was trying to play rumble… I was put in LPQ due to a game error (not finding a match was recognized by the game as deserting it).

Players who should be punished aren’t, are those who are affected by bugs are. It doesn’t make any sense.

Searching for a match is so buggy. Last time I was matching for a Blitz match to test my connection. When the match was found, it took me into a 5v5 ranked match. I had to dodge that because my Internet connection wasn’t that stable.

Remember the blocklist wasn’t advertised as always possible. They said it’ll “try” to keep people in blocklist from joining your team.

Just wanted to clarify here while I was reading. The system doesn’t “ignore” it. The data is still captured. As of the time I left, that specific data was still not being used though. It is entirely possible for them to utilize the data gathered in some way, but they need to be sure to create a system that really does a good job of separating the real “unskilled play” downvotes from just the ‘retaliation for losing’ votes, etc. Essentially the same issue they have with any “downvote”

There are ways to help ensure the votes are legitimate, but for “unskilled play” it is even harder because the perception difference between players is going to be huge as well. For example: some players in lower tiers might downvote an extremely skilled player (when unfortunately matched) because their expectations of how to play at that level are way different form a higher tier.

Anyway, just thought I’d clarify :smiley:


This is not low tiers problem anymore it spreaded , I get tier 9s in my team who ping me and insult me in the chat for doing what Iam supposed to do at this tier and they call it throwing and trolling , playing aggressive is trolling for them , I report passive play as unskilled and extreme passive as a troll.

Welcome back :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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yeah that happened with me. But it happened when i had previously qued for 3v3 ranked but someone did not accept the match at the accept screen. And then i was put back on the home screen. But then the que for 3v3 did not again start automatically and so i qued up for a Blitz match. But later i found that i had indeed been put in a 3v3 ranked match. So perhaps that happened with you?