VG has no rewards now

Virtually F2P rewards is dead there nothing to look forward to every patch now that they made rewards.

Glory doesn’t get anything but Talents and charms
Talents themselves are kind of useless they don’t really help the game just makes brawl mode even harder for you. Charms are useless.

Gaining a legendary talent from market is still ridiculously hard. Forget upgrading just finding new talent already hard.

Skins system is hashed virtually the chance to get a blueprint is one in a million those who got blueprints or Essence this week got lucky.

Essence only can be obtained by removing blueprints find blueprints already hard as hell.

With all this combined it feels like there no Long term progression for this game.


5 talent chest used to be good, not sure if it still is.

SEMC has to start making more money. Vainglory has been one of the most F2P friendly games for the past years. The fact that they made almost everything obtainable for free is something you rarely see (especially in MOBAS). The thing is, the more a game is F2P, the less money the devs make and without enough resources they can’t make the game grow. Besides, you can’t really judge the long term progression when it’s been a week since all these changes have been made, so just give it time. You shouldn’t be complaining about SEMC wanting to make more coins, because in the end, it’ll also benefit us in a way.


Occasionally you get a legendary but in a large sence not really

You get 4 wooden chests daily, and receive daily win bonuses for won matches.

To say that F2P players don’t receive rewards is to say gravity is just a theory.

EDIT: not to mention sunlight and guild rewards

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Gravity is not just a good idea, it’s the law …

(I’ll show myself out)


Just let us permanently unlock charms with large amounts of glory D:<

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No ty I don’t want fortresses peeing on me every match.

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But Grumpjaw thou

;3 uwu OwO XD 30 Characters.

Yea but what you get from them ?

Lets say you get an average of 10 glory from your daily chests, and you only open two each day. Now lets do some quick maths: 20x7=140 8000/140=57 (roughly) so if you were really lazy and only opened two daily chests and did nothing else you could unlock a hero without ever playing in a little over a year.

If you’re really dedicated and open all of your chests, try your best for the daily reward and sunlight bonuses, you can get glory pretty fast. Grinding out 8k glory automatically takes half as long if you dedicate yourself to consistently opening your chests. Not to mention the occasional double glory booster from your chest.

What do you get from F2P rewards? A lot.

Additionally, If you want to save up fast; don’t waste time buying talents with glory for the P2W modes.

Hope this helps you and others develop good glory farming habits.


Just hope new players don’t buy into this “you can get free skins” gimmick. But yeah, there’s no more rewards and guilds I doubt will be improved. GG.

I’m finding it really disheartening that players can’t just enjoy something (skin cards) and not complain about it… Maybe the closure of the forums abit earlier would’ve seen the skin cards stayed the same.

What a waste of a good system. Now it really does feel like a daily grind. for heroes and talents. if you got all heroes, then its just talents. if you don’t like talents, then its nothing but charm pass.

Now that the damage is done… are we going to complain our way back to the old card system? Its too late. SEMC no longer have a caring relationship with the community.

It’s business as usual at the Cave. Hopefully a profitable business. otherwise it’ll be doom town soon.

But I think their claim of one blueprint a week is true, I got heartless alpha last week and just today I got skaarf’s epic. So I don’t know what to complaint about. And now with 5v5. They’ll sure introduce new progression ways to make game better. Give them time

Not everyone so lucky though
I got 5 legendaries in chest im sure there still 100000 or more who still hasn’t gotten a legendary yet

It’s too early to judge, they will need time to tweak the new system. I am pretty sure that they will keep to some extend the free part and while maybe it will be harder to get things, it will be sanely possible.

Correct, but also missing the point. There is a difference between ‘rewards’ and ‘rewarding’. I don’t think anyone argues that the Glory rewards aren’t enough, it’s just that they aren’t rewarding. You can’t do anything with it. Collecting it is worthless to many.

And consequentialy that makes people ask for other rewards instead. Pilebuster is saying what people have been saying a long time; that VG needs a better/new reward/progression system to keep players engaged by giving them something to do. By making the only progression system, skins, 100% RNG they killed that as a viable option; the unreliable nature of RNG doesn’t allow anyone to work toward anything with satisfication.

They could put a more rewarding feeling to Blueprint collecting if they made quests more attractive to do. Not shoving them into some corner, flesh them out more, add more diversity, more catergories, … If quests were a real part of the game and not treated like some bythought quests could serve as a good starting point. Still doesn’t change the fact that the rewards, talents and glory, are mostly unrewarding. But by making quests feel less like a chore to do the vague possibility of maybe getting a blueprint might encourage player to focus on quests.
Another progression system people have been asking for a long time is achievements. Obviously the same princlipe as quest, but with the longterm goal of hopefully real reward, such as perhaps unique emotes or recolours of skins.

I just really dislike if people that critize the skin system get told to stop complaining. It’s not about having everything f2p at all. In most cases it’s simply because people miss the incentive to keep playing that skin collecting offered.


Unfortunately, I can only like this reply once – it’s absolutely on point, imo. This is exactly the problem with VG at the moment: there is really nothing to work toward. (And don’t tell me raising the level cap to 40 will address that – first off, it’s still a cap, and second, the “rewards” along the way are worthless for all the reasons listed in @mima’s post above.)

SEMC’s core engineers (Tommy and his team) are brilliant. But the people building the game around that engine are so focused on the in-match experience that they’ve lost sight of the rest of what makes a game engaging.


I am somewhat heartened by them acknowleging several times that progression systems need work in the prelaunch stream. But I do agree that at the moment it feels very disjointed and not very “progressy”.

I remember back when I started with crazy 8 and stuff. I think there needs to be more stuff to get instead of just skins. Maybe scout cam skins! Maybe we could buy new emotes with glory. VG could add borders, just more cosmetic stuff overall.