VG Discord teasers?

Any thoughts on the Halloween teasers on Discord and Twitter? (No idea if they’re anywhere else but I only follow those two)

I think the second is pretty obviously the Malene skin we’ve been waiting for, the other two I have no idea. Maybe the third is a Flicker skin?

I hacked into the files and found this :triumph:

No thanks needed :grimacing:


Totally not photoshopped by me

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I wish they would, cam skins would be so cool!

Guess I die poor


Wait so this explains the first two, But what about the 3rd? Or is that also for Flicker?

Yup! It looks like the lantern he carries, but with a pumpkin theme. The stem has a curve in it which would be the handle. You can also see it in the splash art, where the orange overlay comes in. It’s not obvious with the overlay though, because the image is distorted to seem like you’re looking out of a door’s peephole, so the proportions are skewed (you can get a sense of it around Malene’s hand).

:flicker: :jack_o_lantern: :princess: :cupcake:

all these teasers are making me think about how the DARK side of Malene is going to look :thinking:

Black licorice ?

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So basically idris, flicker and malene are getting a Halloween themed skins… Oh wait doesn’t flicker already?

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