VG Concepts by Concept Art House

Really interesting on how the default splasharts changed.

Credit to ExtraPizza for finding it < 3 - from Reddit or Band.

More Variations

I really do like the second variation of the default Cath SA and it seems trees were deleted from Koshkas SA.


I prefer these to the current ones besides Catherine. I always wondered why they changed Saw and Ringo’s original splash art.

There’s a surprising amount of pencil work still in those old pictures - also odd/ill sized limbs/fingers/appendages and things, there’s a lot of “mistakes” you could say riddled in the older splash art (and a lot of the ones after that, too) which maybe they weren’t too keen on keeping.

This isn’t me saying they’re bad, they were just there. I personally love all of VGs art, except for anything that has to do with Idris, because he’s not a real character.

That last line is a joke.

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That Catherine Art looks awesome, but I see why they changed it, the colour scheme doesn’t quite fit.

Ringo and SAW’s artwork was changed in game at one point… And if I’m not mistaken Joule’s was too?

I like joules ild splashart tbh…

Yeah it was nicer, it had a better background. The one we have now is just kinda plain, looks like a cheaply done job.

But it would look nice with a Contender Catherine skin tho

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