Vg bots difficulty

Recently playing vg again since viola is now purchasable for glory, I am rather bad at vg and just running into constant lag when I try play vg(Test in bots) I’ve resulted into sticking with playing against the bots and trying out the difficulties.
I’ve just been wondering now amongst those here that still play vg, what do you guys think of the very hard difficulty of vs bots? How well do you do against them, like are they a piece of cake or rather challenging for you?

They’re usually not too hard, but sometimes they can actually be really tricky depending on the hero you’re playing as. They’ll focus you oddly, in ways that human opponents don’t, and sometimes they can make it hard to farm. And then, later in the match, if you’re playing a hero that doesn’t have solid damage (to kill bots or take down turrets), there’s actually a good chance you could lose because your bot teammates are really bad at the macro game, and will leave lots of gaps for a group of three or four enemy bots to sneak turrets off you. So you need to be extra aware of each lane’s minion wave.

I like playing Kestrel v bots quite a bit. It’s a good little diversion between work, and I don’t feel bad about shutting off the game mid-match. :vgfrosty_3cheers:

edit: Oh I just realized this was posted in 3v3… most of my bot matches are 5v5, so forget what I said about multiple lanes. :vgfrosty_haha:

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they are a joke in any difficulty IMO

I haven’t played for some time, but from my experience, very hard bots were easy to fight against, but be prepared to carry your team, play aggressively, and ignore Kraken unless if you get an ace, because nine times out of ten, the only objective the bots focus on is the crystal, and the turrets are just roadblocks to said crystal. Of course, some of this can be mitigated with pings, although I don’t have much experience in that, mostly because whenever I played bot matches, I mostly played them for the sole purpose of being a one-man army steamroller.

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Bots were decent back in the days, but with 5vs5 release they broke them (incl in 3vs3) and never fix them as they were before. They are weak right now.

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You can kill kraken with any WP build, and no ACE needed.

I find that using bots to practice works better in 3v3, because there at least you can ping your teambots to where they belong.

5v5 isn’t very helpful since the bots are pretty freaking random.

Either way, they are mostly just for figuring out your farming, items, etc.

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I did post in 3v3 but doesn’t mean it’s talk exclusively on that mode only, there isn’t really a general gameplay section as game moments is highlights then the rest are split into their own categories.

Yea I’ve seen the ally bots be really annoying at times not going or going somewhere they shouldn’t be at that time, and the enemy bots focusing you no matter what you play is odd.