VG advertising?

Yes yes I know I disappeared. Been busy with my PC and working on my 3D modeling skills so I took a break from VG and all my phone games.

But while I was listening to YouTube phone reviews in the background I heard a reviewer mention that Vainglory plays well on the device.

So here is my thoughts, maybe Vainglory is doing a different type of advertising rather than the normal hey stop in the middle of the video and explain how great our game is. Maybe they are just asking a different audience to showcase the game during through a normal side interaction. Or something.

Idk I’m probably just pointing at a unicorn that isn’t actually there.

Here’s the video if you are curious

(It’s at 2:55 for anyone wondering btw)

IMO it seems like a weird choice for VG to sponsor random content creators to plug the game instead of just plain ol’ Insta ads or whatever. I mean I know the audiences for gaming phones and mobile games generally cross over but smth about it feels weird. Then again, casual positive mentions of the game are probably more appealing than in-your-face flashy ads for most people?

I’d like to think VG just has a better rep than most of us assume it does, and this guy chose it to showcase the power of the phone with an intense game like a moba (one with pretty, smooth, graphics like VG and not some gross choppy ugly one like the rest)

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You haven’t played AoV or ML lately, I assume. Aside from the less “realistic” graphical style of those games, there’s little difference in graphics quality between them and VG these days.

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I guess then cleaned up then… you’re right though, lol. Last I played was a year or two ago maybe? They just always look unpolished and boring to me. very dime a dozen