VG 2019 winter

Well, this is what game I got with 1m que time. No name hiding as there is no shame here - everyone gave what he got and tried. The enemy team was a full party and as you can see - t10 silvers. The game pairs the soloq team you see with VG t10 silver full party. This should not happen even if the party waits 300 minutes.

I was the support, tho when I saw how it’s going south, I build :vgitem_shatterglass: :vgitem_clockwork: thus the kills.

P.S. That player added me after the match.

Here, only one player changed their next game, i.e. it’s full party (given the new player nickname, I would guess he is from the company of theirs):

Hello cha0z

Sorry to hear that , notice that we keep improving our matching system from time to time , I would suggest you joining a guild finding players that could party and play with you .

Support team

This is the game logic , they have no players for party vs party and they suggest you to party and fight fire with fire , soloq is for the yolo , if you care party .


The most funny part is that I played right after 3 more games with t10 in the teams. So the matchmaker got the chance to put atleast a t10 soloq team vs that full party, but was tuned to do that instead.

So basically get friends or get rekt. But then how the heck am i supposed to get in game friends if the chat is broken?

You have to develop telepathy skills. Sadly the support system won’t teach you.


Hello error404namenotfound

Sorry to hear that you have no friends that’s sad , we encourage you to play more and add friends and search for guilds in game , we are fixing the in game chat as we speaking so expect it’s going to be done in update 7.0 , if you couldn’t find friends you can add me XxSAWotpxX I feed all the time but I’ll try my best .

Support team

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