VG 2019 - the best experience

Will not hide names as there is no shaming nor one can blame a t3/t4 for no position. This is what VG has become currently and the que wait time was like 10 seconds.

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10 seconds ? you must’ve been the last one to hit that play button. Damn. That’s the full spectrum diversity right there.

did you win?

No, but close to do so alone. Was starved hard as both krul and ringo was in my jungle + got unlucky (or unskilled enough, depends how you look at it haha) not managing to score 3-4 early kills leaving the opponents on a hair of HP. BoostmePLS was alone at mid vs skaarf and phin, so no real chance to scale at all… rotated few times and there are 3 of the “hair of HP” missed shots to carry.

The enemy was decent, 3 of them t10 for sure and the other two I would say around t9. Not sure what the matchmaker was thinking. Noone was really in fault here, just the MM creating an absurd match. I was first pick, btw, so didn’t even predict those picks like krul and so on and thus my pick was not optimal :smiley:

P.S. I don’t feel that pairing t10 silver MMR with t3, t4 and t8 is what the game should do. You can easily guess how fed the enemy was as I will repeat, they were far better in a pretty obvious way - t9/t10 and not t3/t4/t5/t6/t7 or even t8.

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