Varya Dash Channel while Tp-ing ⚡️

I didn’t realize how revolutionary it is to channel the dash as she is being teleported.

As the game was coming to a close, I quickly bought TP boots and teleported to the enemy base.

I then thought “How does the Varya dash interact with teleporting” and so I decided to test it out…

I wasn’t disappointed at all, once I got there, I dashed immediately to the low health skaarf and kinda kill stole it lul :grimacing:


Nice. Time try Saw’s supressing fire , and hop down on them enemies fully spun.


Wait this works? This could be interesting. I need to use TpB more, I didn’t realise how much you can do with them.

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Oh I didn’t mean to say it works but that I would try it and see if it works. But no it doesn’t. But you can teleport while spinning with Rona, you can teleport with Alpha’s ultimate but you have to be quick to get the explosion on the other side, you can also teleport with forward barrage with Skye. The only one being even slightly useful is Alpha since she could get a kill or last hit with it.

I need a test buddy to see if Idris’s ultimate will teleport him while inside someone’s body if they teleport but I imagine so. And no krul does not teleport quick enough for his ultimate to travel across the entire map ;-;

Idris ultimate does that I killed Joseph like that when he was streaming at one point.he tried to teleport out and I ulted on him.


Who what now?

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More than likely a streamer based on what he said.

iLoveJoseph u know a pro player. There’s a clip of it somewhere on Reddit but it’s pretty old.