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(i really had no-idea where to put this someone help)

So. My school holidays are coming up and i decided i want to try my hand at being a youtuber for vainglory. i decided to try animation first because it seems like the most fun. i understand that it can be difficult but i am going to try anyway. but if this doesn’t work out, i want to know the other options.

i have these:

are there any other ones?
let me know please owo
i want to make something that will entertain most people not just people who are already playing vainglory.

so what type of videos do you enjoy watching?
i like watching excoundrel mostly and gatorrex is usually good.
i know we have some content creators here. what do you enjoy most about making videos?

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Personally, I like watching ttigers’s videos. They’re just gameplay with commentary, but since ttigers has a good understanding of the game and is generally a funny guy it really doesn’t become boring. It’s very informative.

Ge also cuts the bullshit, like annoying screeching and in-game toxicity, generic hardcore intro’s or ‘pls like and subsrub’, which is something I appreciate. So if you want to do informative videos, you might want to look at ttigers.

If you want to do montages, you really need to be careful that it doesn’t become boring. A lot of montages are just some scenes of a hero getting a largely uninteressting kill glued together with some annoying music behind it. For montages, you really need to make a lot of footage so you have genuinly unique and interesting plays to show.

Good luck!


My country’s GankTV YouTube channel is quite funny and informative at the same time. They do hero gameplays with guides on the scenarios and it ain’t boring since they have some funny commentary (a little bit sexual, just a tiny bit.) And they make jokes with each other and the heroes e.g they called Fortress “Dog”)

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There isn’t much out there concerning the lore of the game. You mentioned animation, and that might play in your favor more than the technical/strategic side. You got me thinking of a VG series like Red vs Blue, but maybe in a School Days setting. I may be totally missing what you are looking for, but that’s what came to mind. This might make stuff more accessible to the non-gamer. Please be sure to post up a link

i was thinking of doing something like this first, because it seems simple and entertaining (providing skieblu consented)

Only if he heres a saw yelling we need more vision

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Excoundrel and FlashX are both good for guides, Cyeye for badly edited montages, and Jinko for memes.

I’ve started making montages for our guild (The Nymphs), but it takes me quite a while to get enough good clips, even with guildmates contributing. But then, I only take the really good ones.

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Did you know cyeye is Vietnamese? And also here’s his Facebook: Chien Van Le. He’s quite handsome though mate.

Completely honest, I don’t watch any youtube channels, game videos or anything like that, but, if you do decide to go ahead and make some stuff, let us know. I would happily watch and support the work of forumers.