Vainglory Wallpapers

Does anyone happen to know whether SEMC is offering the hero art as wallpapers, and if so, where to download them?

I seem to vaguely recall there being a gallery, possibly linked to the news section, but I can’t find it now. The whole webpage is a mess… mobile friendly my backside.

I’m pretty sure you can find the wallpapers for the skins in the patchnotes for the patch the skins were released in

PS: You can find vainglory splash arts just by searching in Google :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, you are correct. Thank you! That’s what I seemed to remember, and now that I got the page to load, it’s… still frustrating to find a specific wallpaper, especially for skins. I may just give google another try, after all.

Not to self advertise or anything but you could check my thread (VG Minimalist Art)
Also I myself have quite a bit of VG Wallpaper/Art that have piled up over the years so if your lookin for something specific I may be able to help if you cant find it.

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Very much appreciated, thanks a lot! But I found most of what I was looking for, thanks to Big G.

'still wondering, though… why don’t they put their Art up in an organized fashion? It’s free advertisement, if people carry that around on their homescreens.

I do my part for their advertisement with my lock screen


This reminds me of movie posters. This is just insane. All of their art should be on this level. Is this SEMC official or fan art?

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Official - from the lore:

I’m a big fan of this image too. Some of the absolute best stuff isn’t the splash art.