Vainglory vs Other Mobile MOBAs

I agree – as much as it pains me to say it, AoV is actually a better game than VG is now. VG’s gameplay is still superior, but not by very much any more. But the rest of AoV – the UI, the out of game experience, the progression system, the rewards – is all far better than what VG offers.


And let’s be honest, AOV gameplay is not that bad at all… more of personal taste of us towards VG one. All of the other things AOV brings along with it’s gameplay are really making it a better game. Even with my relatively short period of time with it, I can say that easily. Also it gots a lot of fun modes and more importantly - the player base to support that variety.

Also there are a lot of ways to unlock skins and heroes if you play a lot…


I try AOV this year when the game released in my country it’s I don’t like it so much idk try hero like kestrel Archer

I like Mobile legends more than AOV coz they have Guinevere a like this hero so much

This my third time fall on love with hero like that

First one was illaoi from league of legends
Second one Celeste from VG
and Guinevere of course

There skin King of fighters for her (guinevere athena asamiya)

Don’t hate me I’m not compare AOV OR VG OR ML this just my opinion

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I played ML when it first came out, and to me, it was a simpler form of VG that was built for teamfights and fast games. I found the hero balance to be … not so great.

When AoV came out, I gave it a try and never looked back – AoV had better balance, and this has continued to improve over time (though there continue to be some fairly seriously OP (cough Y’bneth) and UP heroes in the roster). In addition, AoV’s graphics and out-of-game features have improved markedly since release. Plus, I never get any lag/stuttering/frame rate issues with AoV, unlike some games I could name.

I’m assuming that was Tel’Annas … she’s a lot of fun, imo, but I prefer ranged heroes myself. If you like melee heroes, maybe try Raz or Blackfeather Florentino next time!

You should try mobile legends cuz they change so much

Graphics better
Better event
A lot of heros and playstyle
They have a lot of modes

I will not lie to you ML do like VG make hero op when comes out but after that Nerf

If you want try mobile legends I recommend you buy Guinevere ,Esmeralda as mage
As ADC Kimmy
As tank khfura
Lemord as fighter
Diggie as support
Hulcart as assissn


I’m just going to quit mobile gaming once VG dies. I intensely dislike mobile joystick controls, and still find them extremely hard to use in instances where I have no choice but to use it. I still have League of Legends, but I only play a few hours on weekends, if that.

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Actually it’s not that hard when you are used to… tho I played quite a lot joystick games in the past (not MOBAs) and I had some experience with such a control scheme.

@hazeleyes and all the other guys, what made you choose AOV over ML? Curious as I am just trying from a few days both - ML seems more fluid, heroes turning/animations in AOV is so choppy (even if it does have better looking map/3d models - but mind you, not that much as I expected it to be) and I like more the “zoomed out” camera of ML vs zoomed in in AOV even if it’s on the “out setting”. I am also playing VG on zoomed out camera. Both games max details. My observation is that AOV got a lot more game modes + I like it’s UI a little bit better + DC + the map looks a little bit better. Both have pay to win elements (if it will be a skin or a skin and arcana bundle = same effect) for the highest tiers. ML got a lot bigger player base in EU tho, from what I read and correct me if I am wrong, but in EU ML player base is times bigger than AOV?

Can you share your experiences and did you try ML recently as it improved quite a lot too vs back in the days? Why you pick AOV over ML?

That’s the thing: I am used to joystick. I am still frustratingly inaccurate with the control scheme, and the lack of a physical joystick only makes this worse. I can live with console controllers, since the tactile feedback provides me with more information as to what I’m doing, but I am always missing buttons or moving out of bounds of the joystick and missing the thumb reset at critical moments.

Do any of these games support touch mode? I want a moba to play now VG is dead, but I’m still very sceptical about joystick controls in a moba, especially a virtual Joystick.

As far as I know pretty much all mobile mobas are just joystick with slight variations in its target priority, it never really feels nice aiming certain things with virtual joysticks but for just some casual fun these mobile mobas are good

Nope, they don’t. Joystick is a matter of getting used to… yes, it will take time (for some more than others), but eventually everyone will play efficiently with it.

in all (I know of) this can be tweaked (closest, lowest HP, etc.) + most have small buttons “attack minions even if enemy/enemy tower in range” and “attack tower even if you have enemy minions/player in your range”.

I feel dirty moving to another moba but I might. I just can’t stand some of the decisions semc is making at this point. I haven’t spent money on this game or anything related to it in so long. I remember when it felt compulsory to spend at least a dollar on this game just to be a supporter, if not 20. Not so much anymore.

I haven’t played ML for a long time. I just downloaded the latest update, though, and I’ll give it another look. I’ll post my thoughts on it soon!


Will really and genially love to give your comparison/opinion.


Mobile legends much better than before there hero called faramis is free in 18 may try get himas you can he is support and I love supports

And log in 1 June you will get free elite skin

your welcome :smile:


You will shocked how much people joined in last event for ML King of fighters

24million people join to get new King of fighter karina skin (Leona) I wish this number for VG LOL

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If AoV and ML had touch controls, I would assume that a good portion of Vg players would migrate to them…

VGs gameplay is spectacular but a aspect that rivals it is its touch controls which is the reason why most VG players stay with VG for.

So if its competitors would somehow also get some form of touch controls, it would hurt VG.

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I don’t like the virtual joystick , Iam waiting for vainglory console to try it .