Vainglory Tools - Smash [ Patch 3.6 ]

Hi fam!

I’m trying to be more brief, so here’s what’s up:

  • The Tools Site database has been updated, and should now have all of the new builds for each captain, carry, and jungler hero.
  • the Github Project with that same exact data has also been updated for any one who needs the data for their own code.
  • getting closer to an alpha release point for the VainGlory icons font… slowly but surely!

Cheers and have fun out there!


The tools site is awesome! Keep up the great work.


Thank you kindly @Bayou! Hope it helps folks!

We could use a new section/sticky.

External Content

Featuring helpful api sites
Guide websites etc. and several other API sites
Broken Myth and other analyst sites
A useful youtube section
Smash’s site and other useful tools to perform better.

This sort of stuff is in a class of its own and we want to be the HUB for all things VG. If we can be the nexus that connects all useful content anyone can just come to the forums and find all useful content.
Right now I usually have 3 Vainglory tabs open because there are no decent links available…

It will also make references to certain sites easier.
What do the mods think of this? @HipsterSkaarf

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Guys this site needs more love, pls check it out and… once yove realised how good it is show the OP some love.


It’s called Useful Resources and I just moved it. Perhaps we can rename it and expand it - it’s a pretty barren section



We ought to make a separate wiki topic within Useful Resources with links so we don’t draw attention away from Smash’s post by adding unrelated stuff to it.


the ui is so pretty, why cant i just put this in vg as a add-on ;-;

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I meant rename the category Useful Resources itself to be more inclusive and expand upon just Text and Video, not Smash’s post

I guess we could make a wiki but it seems repetitive to do, at least for now, with so few resources in the category

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Yeah the problem is that I need folks to volunteer to maintain and update it.

maintain what? a page? (thread or wiki)

i am confucius

Despite my recent inactivity, I have no problem maintaining and updating - as you can see in that section. I just need to know what exactly to put in - for example when the forum started, you had a list of things and I went down the list until it was done

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Is there a reason The numbers for abilities are rounded? It makes it a little confusing and slightly inaccurate, some numbers are in yellow on overdrive even tho they’re the same at level 4 or even below, and I would quite like to know exact durations when I’m working out how long I can make a Gythian wall stun last.

Hi @MacAulay! Ok understood and I will take a look. Is the issue just with Lance?

Otherwise, things are rounded because the game rounds them. The database was done with a max of 3 decimal places, where most stats are either whole numbers or 2 decimal places. You can always check the database on GitHub and see if the problem is there. It usually is there, because this is done by hand.

Also, the numbers were rounded to keep them as readable as possible on mobile.

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No, Lance was just an example. Pretty sure it affects a lot of heroes, basically any hero that has an ability with a duration to a decimal point (Lance A + B, Tony B, Taka B etc.) it just rounds them all to a whole number.

Edit: same goes for cooldowns and other stats; Celeste and Baptiste’s As for example are affected by this.

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Ahhhh ok I totally understand now! Thank you for helping me dude! I think you’re talking about stats that are in .5 increments. That’s a problem in my code and not the database!

You are 100% right on this, and I will work on this tomorrow. TBH I think there were a handful of repeating numbers (for flicker I believe) so I quickly fixed it with a round. But really, i’ll need to keep 1 decimal place unless it’s a zero.

Again many thanks for the msg and help!

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@MacAulay ok! This was just updated! I also changed the javascript file name to be sure you don’t accidentally get an old cached version.

Let me know if things are still rounding somewhere, but things should be good in all calculations done in the build compare tool now.

Have fun and HUGE thanks for shining a light on this problem. It’s way better now! :trophy::+1:t3::nerd_face:


Thanks buddy looks fixed now. Really useful and well designed site too, creds to the work put in!

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