Vainglory Talent & Meta Statistics- shutterfly [ Patch 3.8 ]

Hi VGForums!

In my free time I have improved my Talent and Hero Meta Statistics site BrokenTalents.

Since my last post here, new features have been added to the Blitz, Battle Royale, 3v3 and 5v5 meta page.

  • Improved clarity for small sample data: Rarely played Talents have their statistics tagged as “uncertain” and are by default hidden from the table.
  • Hero Balance Chart: A plot gives you a quick view on the outliers in the meta.
  • For Talent enabled modes, there is a new statistic: The average Blitz Points earned statistic tells you which Talent you can hard carry with.
  • For Talent enabled modes, new Highlight tiles have been added.

My personal favorite is the addition of Talent Scaling statistics! Initially an idea rejected with “No, there is not enough data for that” I found a good solution and proudly present you estimates of Min Level and Max Level Talent win rates on BrokenTalentsFun. Some Talents go from 40% win rates to 70% win rates. Crazily broken, huh?

Check it out:

If you are technically inclined you can check the source code here. The estimation of min/max level win rates is using a linear regression. Data is updated every two hours using random NA, EU and SEA matches.


That site is just awesome!

(For those who don’t know, @shutterfly was one of the two primary devs behind VainSocial.)

We played the other day and you were Celeste.

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I found this website randomly when I googled for max talent level stats iirc and I loved it. This site is simply fantastic for brawl mode players!

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Moved to Useful Resources. This is a pretty cool tool

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