Vainglory SOcial Media

I dont know what is happening… But I feel the vainglory social media department is lacking… Has been more than 2-3 weeks that we dont get any new information about anything…ANYTHING! They didtn say a single word since de WESG. and for someone that loves and $upport the game is bit underwhelming and frustrating… What is you thoughts guys?

They laid off their social media manager a few weeks ago.

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Really??? How did you know it??

Wow I didtn know it… So I hope they put someone more engaging with the vainglory community at least… Will be good to know that our claims and heros ideas are been, at least, take in consideration by the development team

I thought it was funny that all of the community managers wrote reviews for each other on LinkedIn very recently, and how all of them are looking for employment. That confirms that the separation was not voluntary.

Yeah, it sucks for them. It definitely was not voluntary – that was already confirmed by someone else they let go around the same time.

All the well known old devs have left. So have I. I’ll probably be back after the game dies, too see how.