Vainglory on Google Chromebook

Shout out to @Imanoob for bearing with me as I experimented for the first time today on my Google Chromebook. Several months ago, I attempted to play Vainglory on my Chromebook. It was a mess! Horrible FPS and quite the glitchy screen. A lot of lag issues.

I was reminded today of the Google Ad that came out stating you could now play Vainglory on Chromebook. This seemed strange to me as I thought you alread could. Perhaps I downloaded the app to a device it wasn’t yet ready for.

Fast forward to today, and it runs a LOT better. I had a spike here and there, but I really enjoyed playing on a larger screen! @Imanoob will attest to the fact that I SUCKED for the first hour or so (it’s a surprisingly MUCH bigger adjustment thatn I anticipated going from a small to a very large screen, and from thumbs to fingers - but it was - I really struggled at first).

Overall, I plan to play a bit on the Chromebook each day as I continue to improve with it. If you have a Chromebook, try it out, it runs relatively well!


This is nice to see an improvement.

I wished SEMC would say something (Chrome Improvement) to let the community know that they aren’t just sitting on their buts doing nothing.

Like seriously, put it in the patchnotes or something :expressionless:


True. One, 30-second ad isn’t enough. I only knew due to a vague recollection. I’m surprised there isn’t a note anywhere on their site.

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Idk, I feel like a decent segment of the community is so overly hostile towards SEMC that they would mock SEMC for even calling this progress, say it’s a waste of time and they should fix bugs on mobile.

It’s business , that’s why vainglory not mentioned by name in an Apple ad or the other phone ad , in chrome book vainglory was mentioned and how to download it and they got a retweet from the CEO of semc , so my guess is money not involved and it benefit chrome book so they didn’t mention it.

If you don’t mind me asking, what device specifically did you use it on? A few months ago , I also tried to do this, and it was so frustrating because I even bought a pixelbook. Even though the specs on it are supposed to be the best, I still had lag issues.

Hello. Welcome to the forums. Apologies for my belated reply. I went on a gaming hiatus if you will. It is an Acer Chromebook R 11. At least that’s what it says on my laptop.

Hi! No problem, thanks for your response. Thats interesting, that was one of the first models I tried, and things would be kinda okay, but it would have device lag, and especially during large teamfights. Does it still seem to run well? If so, I might be changing back to that device lol

I’m a creature of habit. I learned VG on a phone. While it was fun to play it on my Chromebook, I’m a lot better with touch controls on my phone. I can test it out at some point and let you know. I am noticed more app crashed/resets and latency issues, even on my Pixel 3 (I never experienced any before my hiatus) - so it could just be the fact that the game isn’t receiving as much attention as it once was. Good luck!