Vainglory: Legion of One


Rather interesting the team doing vg all stars went and made a mix of both games, not sure how exactly that plays out.

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It’s sort of a weird concept. And of course, it begs the question why they don’t just revive VG itself.

I signed up for the alpha, but I didn’t receive any kind of acknowledgment, so I am not even sure their signup form is working :man_shrugging:

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I was thinking about sign up too since I still have TestFlight for catalyst black, guess there’s no harm plus better than waiting for maybe eventual alpha footage

The concept of it made me think for a bit that it’s what catalyst black is just with vainglory characters which just yea begs the question why not revive vg or just continue using vg characters in new projects

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Isn’t too late for that? I mean, VG would have a lot of competition, and I highly doubt they could attract enough players to revive it.