Vainglory isn’t the same anymore

I have played Vainglory for approximately four years, prior to Season Zero being introduced & remember there were only ~13 characters introduced at the time. A friend of mine introduced me to the game and I was at first reluctant to play it, but as I progressed, it became fun and rewarding. It was one of those games that I’d considered engaging and friendly. Keep in mind, this was long ago—before skins, seasons, & brawl game modes. A lot has changed since then and I’m not sure it was for the better or worse, as it has lost my appeal somewhere along the journey. Sure, change may be good yet hard to endure, but I just wish that It would’ve remained on the same course, in a direction that allowed it to once again become my favorite game filled with memories and nostalgia it once had. I will be reflecting on some of the major changes, and the minor ones that slowly changed my perception of the game.

(I). 5v5:
One of the biggest changes to Vainglory, I felt like it was unnecessary & they should’ve continued to work on & improved 3v3 and other brawl gamemodes. Perhaps they wanted to cater to a wider audience and I understand that but it just didn’t feel right to me.

(II). UI Design
The new UI design for Vainglory is peculiar and from my perspective, felt generic and cluttered. I’ve returned to the game for two weeks and had to figure out the functions of different buttons and gadgets that were implemented, which I’m still having difficulty with. The old and original UI was minimalistic and easy to manage, which made the gaming experience more enjoyable. It also had that “Signature Vainglory” aesthetic which differentiated itself from other competitions MOBAs. As of now, it just appears as a downgrade.

(III). Removal of Lore
The lore of places and heroes was an essential aspect to the game as it allowed more depth and understanding for the characters.

(IV). Micro transactions
—they have to make money, which I understand. I don’t know, it just feels off & they added a lot.

vainglory isn’t the same & i feel as if it’s quantity > quality now but that’s just my outlook on it’s current situation. feel free to voice your opinions.

to conclude, it’s just a game & it’s the developers’ decisions to move in whatever direction they feel best so don’t take this too critically

things change whether you like it or not


While I wasn’t into the lore that much as quite a lot of folks out here but it gave me a feeling of " there’s much more into this game aside from the gameplay".
I did enjoy reading through new update notes along with the new lore they came up with new hero, it somehow made me feel more connected to this world.
But that’s why storytelling does so.

While VG has way more quantity now, I dunno about lowering quality. Skins look MUCH better now (Tho I wish SEMC put in a bit more f2p friendly mechanics to help out the free bois) and the new heroes they have been releasing are very good (And becoming more balanced unlike some heroes Cough Anka for the longest time even though I love her design Cough)

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I think the UI gives you hope , because it was broken and got fixed recently , they added chat and added block list , with the new changes Iam not sure if they giving up on 3v3 or if its just a test , we don’t know if they have a plan for the lore , but I think they going to release lores at somepoint , but probably different writers , if they going to do the same like the arts they can make heroes like episodes and each episode written by a different writer , like some or most of the tv shows .