Vainglory Installation

So im planning on buying a new MicroSD card soon because my stock 8gb of memory isnt nearly enough on my phone and I was planning on installing VG on the new MicroSD, however I know through past experience installing VG on an MicroSD used to take FOREVERRRR.

What i wanted to know is that does it take forever for anyone else to install on the MicroSD? If so would the reason be the MicroSD’s write speed being too slow and could be fixed by buying a faster writing speed MicroSD? The new one im looking at is a 32GB Sandisk Class 10 , I dont have the specifications on my old one.

You might just be using a really old SD card I guess. The new ones are alright but the installation speed not only depends on the card but also depends on your mobile’s processor but I guess you should be fine with this one.


I would recommend keeping vg on the phone and use the SD card for things like pics videos and apps that don’t require things to be fast at getting data

Well my thought process was that i could keep a single copy on the SD and when im switching between devices i just hotswap my sd card and play VG on a different device, i normally do install VG on my phone and not on the sd card

I found the tell tale on the speed of my old microsd, its a class 2 microsd so its got a write speed of 20mb a second i think

Honestly I don’t think that’ll work especially if a device is a tablet and one phone as I believe the tablet and phone version are different a lot of games do that to save space

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I used micro sd yeah its slow i have to wait around 10 minutes for installation

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Just note if any bugs or problems occur semc won’t help help you at all

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Go for it, you’ll notice a large difference between class 2 and 10, but it’ll still be slower than installing on the internal memory.