Vainglory in Full HD

Vainglory is an graphic intense game, no doubt, and it can be harsh on some devices, no doubt. I think that SEMC has addressed this issue by downgrading art work quality and particle effects.
But couldn’t there be an OPTION to have VG running in full capacity, full-size HD, 4K art works and animation, along with all OTHER effects?
I understand that some mobile devices can’t handle this, but that doesn’t mean that ALL devices fall under the catagory. I have a very powerful IPad, and I hope there would be an way for VG to take advantage of this. Please have this option next update!

Btw, VG is looking very cheap rn, so it’s only fitting :b


pc port should definitely have it! Most people will have gaming rigs sooo

Even the current version is absolutely glorious on my ultrawide, with VG’s incomparable score playing through my Mackie studio monitors.*

* I just wish the gameplay matched the audiovisual experience :sad:


Hah, I get you.

Vainglory surpasses just about any game on the mobile market in terms of graphical quality. Just look at em’!

Every skin is so detailed, one can’t help but zoom in. Insert “Do not think naughty thoughts” comment here.

Even the hats, despite the hate for them; are decently detailed for the game. Though I do have my reservations on their quality because nothing ever has the “one size fits all” capacity.

Gameplay… eh? I’d question why something are what they are.

Balance of the game’s numbers (heroes, items, Talents etc.) are all over the place in my opinion.

I get that Zekent and Sonata are the managers of balance, but I think they need to shove those two to balance 5v5 specifically.

Then, get someone to review and do the balance for 3v3 i.e. provide input to the 5v5 balance team on what’s broken on 3v3 and how that may be fixed without affecting too much of the 5v5 balance.

Then, another should manage the Talents - design, balance, bugs - all the stuff.


Or separate balancing :upside_down_face: