Vainglory hero comparable to ML’s Alucard?

Hey guys, I started playing Vainglory a while ago and fell in love with Lyra’s playstyle, but then lost interest for a bit. After being recommended Mobile Legends by a friend, I hopped into it and picked Alucard for my first game at random. I instantly took to his playstyle and have won almost every game I’ve played with him. I love the bursty, mobile, deceptively tanky way he plays — people always think they can win a trade with me because Alucard’s a bit on the squishy side, but because I build major lifesteal, I can usually outlast another carry or a mage.
My question is if there’s a hero in Vainglory like that. I thought that maybe Glaive or Blackfeather would be similar, but haven’t had the opportunity to try them out much, and don’t want to waste my time struggling with heroes that don’t fit what I’m looking for. Again, the parts of Alucard that I like are his mobility, burst damage, and ability to win trades using lifesteal to outlast an opponent.
Thanks for any help you can give!

Baptiste has several elements like Allucard. He has the same sustain and they both are melees in attacks.

Rona is a fighter like Allucard and can build lifesteal like no other.

that seems to me like the description of Krul, Rona and Glaive.

they can all do similar stuff.

Based on what you’re saying, I would recommend trying out Alpha. She has a ton of mobility towards enemy heroes (but not away from them), if built with crystal items, she is extremely bursty, she has built-in lifesteal, and she can often out-sustain enemies, especially with her perk.
Another hero I would possibly recommend trying out is Ozo (specifically with weapon items) because he’s free-to-play right now. He has a ton of mobility, he can be quite bursty with both weapon and crystal items, and his perk allows him to be one of, if not the best, sustain heroes in the game. However, he’s not very noob-friendly.


Okay, thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I’ll try these guys out. :slight_smile:

You go Rona, ofc.

Rona’s A = AOE jump attack. I remember Alucard has this kind of ability in his kit.

B = stickiness = Alucard passive

Ultimate =survivability in fortified health. Alucard’s ult grants survivability in lifesteal.

blackfeather seems like agood choice. his a can have lots of burst and he ahas heaps of mobility. his b and ult help make him tanky. he doesn’t have base lifestea; though

you can’t build major lifestral in vainglory, as lifesteal item doesn’t stack one with another. also, poison shiv will counter lifesteal build… just be careful.

Alucard is good…but I prefer Lancelot… I wonder who is gonna win when Lancelot fight against Blackfeather. LoL

clearly BF . #notbiased :laughing:

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Alpha cause she’s as sticky as Alucard

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What’s really threat from alucard is his perk combined with his ult, he got closer to enemy after he’s using skill+his lifesteal increased with his ult+broken lifesteal item. Idk but he’s kind of remind me of brokenfeather. Yep, former bf.

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Or Ozo too, he has multiple gap closer

Lancelot does a millionx999999 dmg with his B. He’ll kill everyone. :joy:

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His B is wonderful and that makes me afraid to approach him since most of the time i played mage and support…lol

Tbh if you wanna win every match in ML just practice Kagura, Lancelot and Fanny

Yes the viable heros are three of them. They are magnificent heroes. But in all mobas i prefer mages and support. Recently i played Gord with winning in most matches, i stop to play Estes since my allies doesnt understand his playstyle. In VG i love Lyra, she just like Estes but Estes heals a lot than Lyra. I like mages like Samuel Celeste Vox and thats why i play a lot with Pharsa Gord Valir.

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