Vainglory General Discussion?

Sometimes someone could make a post just talking about VG in general or talking about an event, but cannot fit it in Game Moments or any of the other topics. Maybe we should have a general VG topic?

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You’re right that there are threads that best belong in a General section, but I think it’s actually a good idea to not have one.

There are less threads that belong in General than don’t, and catch-all spaces tend to become the default place for everyone to post in. I think it’s better that people take a moment and consider where their post should go. Like the 30 character minimum, we don’t want people to feel like it’s hard to post here, but we want them to have opportunities to think about how their post is productive and most helpful.

There might be a time in the distant future when a General or Miscellaneous subforum makes sense, but I think it only makes sense when the other subs are the default way people use the forum.

That said, if you think there’s a sub that should exist, you should say, because it’s totally possible we overlooked one that makes sense.

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I do wonder about a misc category or something that makes it clear its not the main channel but for stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere.

At the moment few threads would fit that but there have been a couple.

Yes please. I had an issue finding space for a topic yesterday because of this.

We could help our community members out by maybe flagging or suggesting where they go? Just a thought. Reading your sentence regarding that all threads would end up being posted there first, maybe you could make the general a joinable group like off-topic?

I do agree with the fact that the general discussion in the old forums were used just for about any post but that shouldn’t justify as a reason to completely disallow it and prevent confusion when creating some topics. I’ve had this issue in multiple topics ive created now, there must be a better way of going about this rather then just simply ignoring a category that is obviously needed. Moderators are here to ensure topics are in there right area but I also like the Misc Category idea with it being at the bottom of all the other sub categorys.

Although I would prefer one myself, that’s actually a really smart idea. Compartmentalizing that’s my shit. Can you please teach SEMC to be like this with information?

I feel like Game Moments could easily become a stand-in for General when and if the forums become more populated.