Vainglory Feedback

I really didn’t know where to put this so it is going off topic for now. For all of you that care that is the vainglory feedback survey

Edit: just to let you know this is an official semc survey given by contacting support on feedback and sugestions

You know what's funny?

It’s true…

Well except for the graphic performance maybe.

Until you remember that FoW can lag a game out XD

Never happened to me. Maybe old devices only?

lol. leave graphics performance out and just tick network connectivity… Everything else can be forgiven if it just won’t lag.

no lag with bugs? i’ll let it slide.
no lag with bad hero balance? i’ll just use the OP heroes.
no lag with bad MM? i’ll just hard carry the game.
etc. etc.

no lag fixes all problems.

Lag is basically the power stone - it amplifies all other abilities.

Yes and lag has multiple sides especially with a device that sacrifices preformance for battery life in design

sounds like you’re in desperate need of a new device. lol.

at the very least, a better second-hand device. lol

Lol my next new device won’t have vg support and won’t be shipped till at least jan 2019. But i don’t have the FoW issue but i know others do