Vainglory Creators Program eliminated

The Vainglory Creators Program has been eliminated, it seems. Participants have been told that “a new program” will replace the VCP at some point in the future, but no details were provided.

(For those unfamiliar with the program, it was basically a way for SEMC to reward content creators and other influencers within the community for promoting Vainglory.)

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I forgot that program even existed honestly. This sounds just like the removal of the battle pass system.

HI we’re removing this thingy and replacing it with something toooootally betterr! But we wont tell you what it is tho cuz we’re so transparent lol teehee xD!!


Yikes, the relatively quite small group of active VG content content creators atm is going to take a pretty huge hit from this.
Hopefully they’ll make the minimum requirements to be a part of the new program realistically achievable for new creators and the benefits better. 2k YT/500 stream subs just for a discord invite, limited access to update events, and new heroes for free isn’t worth it at all, imo, especially considering SEMC benefits way more than the creators due to the extra exposure the game gets from them.


a NeW PrOgRaM WiLl rEpLaCe iT.


So correct me if i am wrong but content creators who are in the creators program get ice so they can use new skins or heroes to create content right ? If that’s the case then that’s just stupid it doesn’t cost semc anything and it will lead to less content being created which will only hurt the game.

It hurts the creators more than SEMC.

The reason why it was so good for the streamers is that it allowed them to have access to new skins AND limited PBE access even though they aren’t testers.

That alone gave them a bump more of viewers (Like ive seen maxmans stream reach over 100 viewers than it current viewership.

Its going to be hard to gain more streamers for this game now that there no incentive to play it

Also it doesnt really hurt SC since the amount of creators really didn’t grow nor help impactfully to the game.

I’m hoping they figure out a way to keep the VCP going. It had just started to get to a productive and scalable level of organization.

I don’t know that anyone regularly here is actually in VCP? For what it’s worth, the members of the program will all be getting the same incentives for 4.2 as they did previously, and SEMC is trying to figure out how/if the program will work in the future with their new staffing situations.

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Bad decision as they literally gave just some ICE, skins, early access to streamers/content creators to promote the game… not like they paid them money. Now do they expect that content creators to put their own money into skins, etc or even have the same interest for a new update as the previous access to new content gave them and lead to stream/record?

Their entire approach to the VCP was mystifying to me, tbh. They continually increased the requirements to participate and reduced the “rewards” (which, as you say, were nothing but virtual currency only usable in game) – which made no sense to me for a game that desperately needs more positive exposure.

When they had the audacity to call me “unprofessional” because of my criticism of some of their decisions, I resigned from the VCP, as it seemed that all they wanted from the program was mindless cheerleading.

I’m not sure they actually have a plan going forward, but that’s also par for the course. (cf. the Battle Pass)


Lol im not surprised anyways i cant even get in anymore to begin with, Making Shadowverse videos gets me views than week in a day compared to VG videos

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