Vainglory Card Art



Those of use who have been around a while will remember the old system for crafting skins: you collected common, rare, epic, and legendary cards until you had the ones necessary to craft the skin you wanted. Those cards featured art which is now gone from the game entirely. Although SEMC stated in the past that they intended to bring the art back in some form, it hasn’t happened after more than a year. Therefore, I thought we could try to assemble an archive of the art here on the forums. That’s what this topic is all about!



from legendary card “Crystal Plunder”

from legendary card “Second Star to the Right”

Artist: Yangtian Li



Artist: Yangtian Li







from legendary cards “The Key of Death” (left) and “Axe Me a Question” (right)

Artist: Alex Chen


Thank you for making this thread. Such great artwork. Keep them coming!


Loved those cards as they all “told a story” about the hero they are for.



from epic card “War Paint”

from legendary “Killer Bunny Rona” card

Artist: Justin Murray (Justinsane) (both were posted on his Instagram, but he has some NSFW art there. Slight NSFW warning on his Artstation as well.)


I didn’t post the Killer Bunny Rona one because it was actually the first card that was NOT in the original card system. (That is, you only needed a certain number of Killer Bunny Rona cards to get the skin – no common, rare, or epic ones required.)

But it’s gone now too, so I guess it’s fair game. :wink:



from legendary card “Apex Predation”

from legendary card “Firewyrm’s Last Stand”

Artist: Justin Murray (Justinsane) (Again, these were posted on his Instagram and another slight NSFW warning on his Artstation.)



Artist: Michelle Hardy


Can we make one editable post wiki thingy. I see you already posted one celeste card art and I REALLY dont want to add a second separate post for the same hero but different card art.



Is that Groot!? Love the bee munions!


Oops! That’s what I meant to do! :man_facepalming: Hipster already fixed it, but I fixed the others as well.



Artist: Alex Chen


No matter where I looked, I couldnt find the original art and I attempted (knowing I wouldnt get nowhere) to get the original file to the art.

But they said its not ready for distribution so rip :skull_and_crossbones:

Ill just post some of ss of the card arts instead :sweat::disappointed_relieved:


If you want to post card screenshots, post them in a separate thread – make sure to crop them to a single card per image also. Let’s keep this thread for the actual artwork.



Artist: Justin Murray (NSFW warning, link is for his Instagram)



Artist: Jax Jocson (artstation link)