Vainglory All Stars Alpha Gameplay

Pre-alpha gameplay, can’t say much without playing

Idk how i feel about heroes having abilities from other heroes. Was kinda hoping for an adaptation for melee heroes into this genre but i guess all the heroes are gonna have ranged abilities with a skin that fits the ability’s theme.


Wow, this is just a blatant copy in every way of Brawl Stars.

Kinda sad that they couldn’t come up with something more original.


Let’s be honest atleast for a moment - it’s not only a copy, but a cheap one. It’s like I am watching one of those china rip offs without effort or money put into them. Dunno, looks super cheap and bad.

UI is also similar to BS. Nothing groundbreaking

I sideloaded the game on my phone and while I don’t exactly have a ton of personal experience with Brawl Stars outside of a few times trying it out, VG All Stars really does feel like a carbon copy of it, with nothing new to the table or anything besides the VG heroes and their kits themselves. Speaking of the heroes, I think it’s kinda weird to see how they were converted for this. Something about stuff like skins from regular VG being the default look for some heroes (as well as their kits being based around the skin) feels off to me.
I suppose it’s a bit too early to judge it harshly seeing as it’s just the pre-alpha, but I honestly think this is gonna fail hard. I know that a lot of us may have some sentimental attachment to the VG characters, but why play a Brawl Stars clone featuring them when you can just play Brawl Stars itself for a comparatively more polished experience with a larger playerbase and more content?


Does anyone know how “finished” alpha releases are typically, in terms of UI styling? I’m really struck by how they’ve just plunked VG’s UI on top of the Brawl Stars looking sections… stuff like the sign-in screen and the browser re-directs… hoping they’ll synchronize the look and feel across the entire app. At the moment, it looks… not great. :spring_sad_1:


LOL seeing the ui going to the Allstars ui in Vg kinda made me cringe a little.

I was really hoping they would at least use new in game graphics in stead of copy pasting VG heroes and abilities. I was looking forward to seeing VG heroes in a more cartoony and stylized way, but they really just are the same assets.

I play a lot of alpha/pre alpha games especially on mobile, and the level of “finished” varies wildly. Some games feel very close to being complete (Armajet for example) while some games seem to be in the very earliest playable build. This seems to be the case for all stars, it’s not a bad strategy. You put the game out asap and get feedback through the entire development process. That said, you have to make it clear to the community that is what you’re doing. The danger is that you give a bad impression and don’t get your vision for the game across.

My hope is they start replacing the assets copied from VG, as well as begin the differentiate the game from brawl stars.


The gameplay is… very similar to Brawl Stars. Even the map showcased here. Besides from a few brushes missing from the right and left sides, the map is almost an exact copy of one map in Brawl Stars. And also the gem. I mean come on, do you have to copy the gem design too? Can’t you use ICE or Glory instead?

I understand this is just like early playtesting of the game, but so far (I know I’m echoing sentiments here), this is just like slapping whatever VG resources they have on a Brawl Stars template and calling it a new game. I do hope that they would actually develop new character models and effects for this game’s own personality, not just a lazy spin-off of VG.

Imo they should have just spent more time and invested more on vg. Also is this the “project spellfire” they were working on?

No. This is the first game from a new studio (Bazooka Tango) that was started by two of the SEMC founders after they left SEMC.

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So we’re getting two games from semc (yes it’s a new studio but still lol)

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